United Consciousness In Our World And In The Spiritual World

942Question: In our world there is the so-called wisdom of the crowd. What is the difference between this united consciousness and the one in the spiritual world?

Answer: The fact is that, in our world, when we want to invest together in some common cause, we partially annul ourselves. Therefore, everyone expresses their opinion in order to achieve some good overall result. We kind of subconsciously use this Kabbalistic principle.

Nullifying myself, I add up with others; “Let’s try together.” As a result, we get something more or less perfect, better than each of us had separately. This is, in general, the correct principle.

But Kabbalists say, “Let us unite, not in order to compose some beautiful appeal or solve some riddle, but to create an empty space between us, where everyone puts himself, free from egoism.”

That’s when I push myself away and want to be here with others, then we collect all our parts free from egoism. This consciousness has nothing to do with everyone’s self. Basically, it is empty because we do not have it. We only create it by our own efforts and then a higher level, a higher consciousness, is manifested within it.

Question: Jung introduced the following concept of collective consciousness: unification based on common archetypes that are accepted and understood by all members of the group. What is the difference between this kind of unity and the unity of consciousness based on self-nullification?

Answer: Kabbalists have different goals and a different technique. The technique depends on the goal, what I want to achieve. I want to achieve the property of bestowal, to connect above myself with others. That is, I want to portray a property from myself that is not within me so that it appears above me. In this case, I am, as it were, the basis over which I wish to portray myself.

Question: So, the difference is in the level of connection with the information field?

Answer: Of course! Rising in this way, I do not bring any of my indignations, errors, or anything into this field. To the extent that I do this, I begin to feel it, at least a little of its radiation.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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