An Echo For A Lifetime

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What would you wish to young people who are going to have a family so that they could build happy, positive relationships?

Answer: Happiness is based on a correct balance between the desires and feelings and reason and calculation. We cannot cross out anything and build it one-sidedly. That is why, in order to grasp this system, we must understand that a person includes the entire universe, the cosmos. And in order to compare properly, to connect two people, one needs a special computer, giving so many options that I cannot imagine that this is possible.

But the balance of two such complex systems, each of which consists of the heart and mind that are in union and in contradiction with each other, is possible only if we know how it works. And nature drives us to it.

That is why in the process of our development, our evolution, we have come to the state where we are required to stock up on some knowledge. This would not require a lot of time: a dozen or two dozen classes, lessons, and various examples, until we begin to feel what a man is, how he works, moves, how he reacts to everything, what he is made of, and how to resolve conflicts that do not let them grow up ugly. All this can be studied. Only then I would advise to take a serious decision. It is necessary to look at marriage as a serious venture, which can give an echo for a lifetime. So, may it be positive rather than negative.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/8/2012 

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