Humanity Will Fulfill Its Program

962.5Question: What will happen if humanity perishes before Kabbalists fulfill their destiny?

Answer: No. We are in a system called nature. This system is absolute and universal. We are within a network of forces that control us and lead us to a pre-set goal.

This goal and all the stages that we must go through are already, as it were, realized, only we must introduce ourselves into these stages and exist in them alternately, and rise to different levels. The steps themselves and the final state (complete correction) are already prepared.

Therefore, there can be no destruction, but there can be great suffering that will make us voluntarily, with the right choice, with our freewill, go toward the goal of creation, and not prompted by the little sufferings that we are experiencing now.

So, you can be calm, nothing will happen to humanity. It will be obliged to fulfill its program.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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