The Leaders Of The Future

20Question: The changes in the world today require the emergence of innovative leaders. Experts say that business will develop under increasingly growing uncertainty.

Leaders will have to make breakthroughs themselves, which means to drastically change their state of mind, their values, and their actions.

Scientists interviewed a large number of investors and business managers and have come with several key characteristics that such leaders need to have, which are: the ability to predict, to lead others, to encourage, to establish collaborative relations, and to trust others. These are the five attributes that a revolutionary leader should have. How can one become a leader who is both revolutionary but also establishes collaborative relations and reliable processes, who also encourages and leads others who follow him?

Answer: It is impossible to raise such a leader. He has to be born like this. We can only teach and fine tune someone’s attributes, but all these aspects must basically be innate.

Comment: But there are no such people.

My Response: Why not? There are such people, they just need some fine tuning.

Question: Is it possible to recognize them?

Answer: There are many state institutions that gradually raise such people on different levels. This means that a leader advances and reaches a position of a regional manager, or a manager of a commercial union, and thus advances until he rises and reaches the summit as a very special person.

Question: Leaders don’t dictate conditions, instead they regulate, invoke, and guide changes. Why is this important?

Answer: Because one should not give orders. Nothing works by giving orders. You should simply establish the right conditions so that your subordinates will understand the common task and create it on their own.

Comment: Leaders should listen to others. This enables them to assess the situation and to be the first where there are new opportunities.

My Response: Yes, you need to teach your subordinates to take initiative that is aimed at the goal correctly. This means that they should understand and know all that, and carry it out, but according to their vision.

You cannot take the place of your subordinates and all their deputies and everyone else. You must not. Every minister has ten deputies and each of them has ten more assistants and so on. You cannot take their job and do something.

Comment: Leaders should be enthusiastic about the goal and then they can establish a collaborative network faster than any abstract strategic plans.

My Response: Yes, this is actually what a leader should engage in.

Comment: Innovative leaders see and encourage the potential of other people.

My Response: Indeed.

Question: What is a real leader and what is the future leader?

Answer: It is a leader who teaches all his subordinates to be above him. He knows all his drawbacks and knows what his abilities are. He invests in all his subordinates in order to be in the center of a big good group for the time being. This is a true leader who creates a group and the group creates him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/21/19

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