The Stronger The Connection, The Stronger The Desire

528.02Question: Where can we find the strength to create the correct Hisaron (desire) for our friends?

Answer: You should develop it among yourselves. The point is that both strength and desire do not come from somewhere, but only from above, from the Creator. But it all depends on how much we need it.

Sometimes we demand: “Give us the desire!” But we cannot handle properly what we have, and this is why all our screams, shrieks, requests, prayers give nothing. Therefore, you need to understand that only to the extent of your connection will the correct impulses for a request or a desire from above arise in you, for a desire to rise to the force that will develop and raise you.

Only the identification of a common request between us and turning it to the Creator depends on us.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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