No Desire, No Prayer

laitman_600_04Question: Is it possible to raise a prayer and attract the Light if I do not feel any desperation or suffering?

Answer: How is it possible to pray if you do not feel any suffering? How can you ask if you do not have any need? A prayer is a revelation of desire. If I have no desire, then there is no prayer either.

Question: I can pray only from my own desire (Hissaron). How can I pray from my ten?

Answer: There is no way. Of course, you can mumble something, but it does not influence anything. If you do not exist in a ten, you cannot nullify yourself. You cannot make yourself similar to the Creator in any way.

You cannot pray from a ten without a common desire. Only together with friends when you unite into a one whole can you form a common intention, which is called a prayer.
Moscow Congress, Lesson 3, 5/2/16

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  1. Also dreams maybe what body wants?

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