Year 6000 Is The End Of History

laitman_214When we study Kabbalah we begin to understand that there is no time in the spiritual world. But there is a state called “6000 degrees” that we must go through and join 6,000 souls into one soul.

All this exists in the world of Atzilut inside Partzuf Zeir Anpin (the Creator). Therefore, when it comes to the spiritual states, they are unchanged.

If we say “6,000 years” it means 6,000 degrees; if we say “600,000 souls,” it means 600,000 so-called Reshimot (information records) that we need to realize between ourselves. In the spiritual world, everything is very clearly distributed and defined by formulas and graphs.

And all that concerns physical years and the reflection of the spiritual states on our life happens somewhat differently. After all, on the material level we can reduce years, and if, lets’ say, in the current year 5777 we make a complete correction, then our current year will be called 6,000 years. We will make a jump in time, i.e., will bring the Light of correction so much closer to us that we will jump through years with its speed.

It is quite difficult to explain exactly the match between the spiritual structures and physical, geographical, historical, and other ones because these temporal and spatial axes don’t fit in an ordinary person.

This is the problem that even Einstein, Hugh Everett, and other well-known scientists have found difficult to explain. Therefore, nobody in the world understands it, but they just agree, because in our usual animate (material) state we have no ability to perceive and feel the acceleration of time.

I hope we will live to see the time when we will participate together in the final correction and be honored to attend the “banquet” in honor of the end of correction to which the Creator, as the groom, will invite the whole creation, as a bride.

The bride needs to correct herself, to dress in the white robes, and to be beautiful to match the groom. Beautiful means the quality of bestowal.

This is a very serious event that will be felt as something really great: year 6000 is the end of history.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/3/16

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