Attaining The Upper World

226We cannot express concepts of the upper world in words or letters from our world because our whole lexicon reflects sensations from our five senses. The greatest difficulty is when we have to express certain knowledge in words and publish it for the sake of discussion as is customary in scientific research. This is the reason that a Kabbalist has to use definitions that are absolutely accurate.

We encounter a double problem here.

On one hand the wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of attaining the law of nature, but attaining that internal part, the internal layer of nature that we do not feel through our five senses or instruments we invent. Basically there is no way of feeling this internal layer of nature called the upper world, which the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about, inside of us or through instruments that we can build.

Special actions that are connected according to special laws take place there, laws of reception and bestowal, of ascent and descent. In general, there are certain forces, their actions, and their consequences. Unfortunately we cannot see that with our corporeal senses.

Just as we can speak about atoms and molecules in our world, but if all these micro, macro, and other processes are not perceived by our senses, there is nothing we can do. Until we invent certain devices, we cannot feel them.

And in Kabbalah, we can create this instrument inside us. It is impossible to reveal the upper world, the Partzufim, the Sefirot, the worlds, etc. by any external instrument. It is all only on the level of our personal, internal attainment.

So, in order to begin to feel the upper world, its laws, its attributes, and its actions, we must bring ourselves to a more sensitive state, increase our sensitivity, and bring our qualities to such a level that we will be able to feel what happens in the basis of our world, at its foundation.

Second, we cannot express what we feel. This is the reason why Kabbalists had to invent a special language that would reflect our five special senses. We call them by names that we do not understand, such as: Kli (vessel), Ohr (light), Masach (screen), Ohr Hozer (reflecting light), etc. This means that Kabbalists make definitions for themselves and ordinary people do not understand where they got them from.

As we advance in the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we begin to feel there are accurate actions behind these names and terms. We begin to feel that very fine changes are actually taking place here as a result of our efforts, and we can determine the level of our actions, which means that everything is gradually included in our lexicon of concepts and later in our sensory attainments.

This study and its gradual internal development bring us to a gradual understanding of the language that Kabbalah books are written in. It is called the language of branches. In other words, there are roots in the upper world, and in our world there are branches of these roots that we can feel and study. Thus, we can determine their roots according to their names and according to their actions and attributes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/6/19

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