The Technique of Entering the Upper World

upper worldA question I received: Lately I feel that many of my actions are not performed by me. It is as though I observe my actions from outside. This realization – that certain actions are not done by me – makes me wish to obtain freedom of choice. But the only free choice I have before the Machsom is the choice of the correct environment. What are these states and how do I work with them?

My Answer: Everything you say is correct! Keep doing what you’re doing, and continue strengthening your connection with the common Kli.

The technique of the process is as follows:
1. By pressuring yourself, put yourself under the influence of the environment (see the article, “Freedom of Will”).

2. The environment will exert a direct influence on your “heart,” and you will begin feeling the importance of bestowal and connecting with others.

3. During the lesson, don’t forget what is important to you, and you will then attract the influence of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) upon you.

4. Under the Light’s influence, the quality of bestowal will be created within you.

If you constantly proceed along this chain, then after a period of time (3 – 5 years at most) you will cross the Machsom, entering the perception (attainment, revelation) of the Upper World.

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