The Current Crisis Is “The First Plague Of Egypt”

Don’t Fight Egoism AloneA question I received: You have said that the current crisis is the first plague of Egypt. When will it end? Do you see an end to the decline and the layoffs?

My Answer: The crisis is not just a decline. Banks have stopped giving out credit loans out of fear that they won’t be returned. This is causing a rise in the unemployment rates, a halt in real estate and auto sales, a slowdown in production and a devaluation of resources. This trend can last for a long time, until people will learn the law of the global interdependence, which obliges us to change our relationships: to make sure that all our actions will have a positive effect on the whole world.

Here’s Hollywood’s depiction of the plagues of Egypt, which are an allegory:


Of course, we must “translate” what’s written in the Torah into its authentic, spiritual meaning, as Kabbalah explains it!

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My Article Featured In The Mexican Magazine “Mercurio XXI”

The Mexican magazine “Mercurio XXI,” which has a circulation of 40,000 all over Mexico, has published my article “Obesity: A Lack of Spiritual Food?”
The image on the left is the magazine’s cover:


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How Do You Explain Kabbalah To Others?

explainTwo questions I received on explaining Kabbalah to others:

Question: If a person is advancing and developing through the study of Kabbalah, does he gain the ability to explain the concepts of Kabbalah to others in a way they can understand?

My Answer: Not necessarily. The Book of Zohar says that Rabbi Shimon couldn’t write this book himself, but told Rabbi Aba what to write. Likewise, it’s written that Moses was unable to explain the events talking place and their purpose to the people, and needed help from his brother Aaron.

Why is this so? Baal HaSulam writes that some souls originate from the Inner Light and some – from the Outer Light. This determines their ability to explain the material on a level appropriate to the student and the level of their explanations.

Question: I come in contact with many different people who face difficult situations. Some are religious, others love mysticism, and others are just searching for something. I think that there’s a great opportunity here to attract them to Kabbalah by explaining that everything comes from the Creator and was designed on purpose to awaken the question: “What is the meaning of my life?”

What should I do?

My Answer: It’s best not to say anything about Kabbalah. Instead you should simply keep materials on Kabbalah, such as our newspapers, in your reception area.

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