The Internet Is A Reflection Of The Society

reflectionTwo questions I received about the internet:

Question: The President of Russia decreed that there must be freedom of the mass media, and that information on the Internet and the TV shouldn’t be censored. What is your opinion?

My Answer: I’m not a political commentator, nor am I well versed in the political “kitchen.” Still, I can say that any actions aimed at creating a connection between people go in the same direction as the development of human society, in accordance to the law of Nature: “To bring humankind to a single whole.” Therefore, such actions are good for those who make them.

Question: Just as anything else, the Internet has a downside: it contains a whole lot of junk. Does everything depend on what we will choose and how much we will desire to correct ourselves?

My Answer: The Internet is a reflection of the society. I hope that society will soon become more corrected, and then the entire Internet will also change: it will be cleansed of all the “junk.”

That’s because the only things that will remain in our world will be the things necessary for our adhesion with the Creator. Everything else will gradually disappear. Then our world will also change in our perception, transforming to the World of Infinity – a world of unbounded existence that is the only thing in existence.

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The Psychologial Effect of the Placebo – A Common Medical Practice In the United States

placeboNews Report (from BMJ ): A national survey of US internists and rheumatologists shows that half of American doctors regularly prescribe medications that are known to be useless in treating their patients’ illnesses. The doctors use the prescriptions as a placebo, having no affect on the patient’s organism.

My Comment: This psychological effect – which uses the force of belief to get results – has been the basis of shamanism, faith, religion, and our daily beliefs in thousands of “valuable” things in life for thousands of years now. In contrast, Kabbalah elevates man above his nature where he loses his attachment to empty “values.” This gives him the opportunity to become attached to the Upper Force instead.

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Whether You’re a Priest or a Car Salesman, Business Comes First

priestNews Report (on Quirkilogy): The results of a Gallup Panel survey show that 59% of people consider priests honest and only 5% consider car salesmen honest. Professor Richard Wiseman conducted an experiment where he pretended to be a representative of a furniture company, and sent letters to people thanking them for their purchase and attaching a rebate check for twenty dollars. The check was cashed in by priests and car salesmen alike, knowing full well that they didn’t deserve it. The Professor concludes that we shouldn’t trust priests any more than we do car salesmen.

My Comment: What more is there to say?

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Faith, Hope and Love

hopeA question I received: Please explain the meaning of the expression “Faith, hope and love” and their order in one’s spiritual work.

My Answer: First, a person must attain faith – the perception of the Creator. This perception gives him hope and confidence about his present and future, since the revelation of the Creator makes a person merge with Him like an embryo in a mother. Then, after experiencing all of the Creator’s actions and learning of their absolute goodness, a person starts to feel love for the Creator.

As you can see, everything comes from attainment, or learning things yourself. Kabbalah is the most practical science of all: it is studied inside and through oneself.

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Questions Along the Way

It Takes Time, Effort and Experience to Reveal the Upper WorldQuestions I received on how to work with the material and the group:

Question: When does a person who studies the science of Kabbalah go from simply “absorbing” the information (reading, listening and seeing) to actually perceiving the Upper World?

My Answer: When he becomes equivalent – in the minimal degree – to the quality of bestowal described by the text.

Question: When studying the materials by the aforementioned methods, does it make sense to try and unite with the Kabbalist’s way of thinking, rather than finding a connection with the material itself?

My Answer: That’s exactly what you should do – try to unite with the author and his intention.

Question: Can the point of the breaking be revealed only in the group? Or also with other people close to me, such as my husband for instance?

My Answer: It can only be done by trying to unite the aspirations for the Creator by drawing our joint aspirations for Him closer together.

Question: Sometimes I meet people who seem very close to me spiritually, and it’s easier for me to connect to their desires. Is this egoistic equivalence of form? Or the pattern of the reincarnation of souls?

My Answer: These are the same.

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How Does “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” Apply to Women?

womenTwo questions I received on a woman’s ability to love others as herself:

Question: You wrote in a previous blog post that women cannot love one another because of their nature. I would like to know what is a woman’s nature? If it is the quality of deficiency, then please explain what kind of a deficiency this is, and what is the spiritual meaning of this concept? How is it expressed? And do women also advance through the 125 levels of correction?

My Answer: Every woman represents a desire, and every man represents the fulfillment of this desire. Hence, it’s impossible for women to be friends with anyone, and they can only love what belongs to them. Yet precisely this quality makes them the carriers of the desire that the men have to correct and fulfill.

Besides this, every man and every woman have their own inner “man” and “woman,” not only according to the chromosomes but also according to spiritual properties. Women provide men with the aspiration toward the Creator, pushing them to attain the goal of creation – and together they attain it.

Question: Can I apply the concept of “love thy neighbor” in relation to my wife?

My Answer: You should treat your wife according to the rules of society, and you should work together with your friends – the people with whom you must reach the mutual guarantee (Arvut) – to realize the law of the single soul, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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