The Meaning of Prayer and Blessings

childrenDuring the international children’s lesson that was held on 10.10.2008, we talked about prayer. Prayer is the most secret, concealed desire in one’s heart. It hides so deep down in our hearts that we don’t even feel it. But precisely this desire has a connection with the Creator, or we can say that the Creator dwells inside this desire.

In order to reveal the Creator, we must reveal this desire for Him. But how can we influence this desire? A person cannot reach it himself, but only through the environment (the group). He evokes all sorts of influences from the environment, which make his desire for the Creator, for love and bestowal, grow. In fact, these influences have a direct effect on one’s heart.

In this manner, through the group, one can evoke such a great desire for love and bestowal in his heart that it will become similar to the Creator in the minimum degree, and then he will immediately sense the Creator within it. This is the meaning and purpose of prayer – to gradually reveal the Creator in one’s heart!

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During the following international children’s lesson, held on 10.17.2008, we talked about blessings.
A blessing is a sensation of gratitude that involuntarily appears in one’s heart. It is gratitude for the corrections that take place within a person under the influence of the Creator’s Light:

“Blessed are you, Ruler of the world… Who opens eyes to see the Upper World… Who spreads the earth (the desire to receive) upon the waters (the desire to bestow)… Who gives the heart the understanding to distinguish day (the Upper Light, the quality of bestowal) from night (egoism)… Who clothes the naked (with the Light of Hassadim, in which the Light of Hochma is revealed)… and so on.

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Women’s Spirituality Is Finally Being Revealed

What Does a Man Look for In a Woman?A question I received: I’ve noticed an obvious growth in the number of women studying Kabbalah, and I’ll be honest: this makes me very happy! Is this happening because their desires are increasing?

My Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed from humanity for millennia in order to allow humanity to develop their egoism and finally reveal the global egoism – the “small village” where all people are completely interconnected. As long as Kabbalah was concealed, it was passed down only through men, because in our world a man represents the quality of bestowal, and a woman – the quality of reception.

However, as soon as we reached the level of global egoism – which is how our souls are connected inside the system of the single soul of Adam – the wisdom of Kabbalah started being revealed to everyone, because it is the method to correct our common egoism, which is represented by the woman in our world.

This is why more women than men are attracted to the study and application of Kabbalah. However, this cannot be done without the male part because it is precisely the male part that evokes the Light’s influence, but it does so by using the female desire and hence draws the Light onto both of them. This is similar to how a woman takes care of the home and children while a man acquires the means to realize the woman’s desires.

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How to Reveal the Secret of All Secrets

secretTwo questions I received about physical and spiritual birth:

Question: I am very curious about whether there are any secrets during birth, marriage, and death according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

My Answer: The birth of one’s animate body does not involve any secrets, and it never will because the body is simply an animal! However, when the soul (the screen, the quality of bestowal) is born in a person, he reveals the Upper World – the secret of all secrets!

Question: In the future, will people be born with a developed sixth sense within, that will give them absolute control over their lives?

My Answer: Man will always have to make an effort against egoism in order to be corrected and fulfilled by the Upper Light.

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Another Unfortunate Meeting of the G-20

g20News Report (translated from The interests of the G-20 countries are far too different to expect serious changes of the financial architecture from the Washington summit, as Sarkozy and Medvedev want. The G-20 summit will reinforce national regulation and intervention into the economy. However, these measures will not help to overcome the crisis.

My Comment: Each one of them is trying to “look out for number one” – and this is why the meeting is doomed to fail. Next, the crisis will develop further, and after that there’ll be another meeting and another failure – and by then war won’t be too far off. It would be better if they didn’t meet at all, as it is written: “When egoists stay apart, it is better for them and for the world.”

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Altruistic Men Are Sexier

Dr. Michael LaitmanNews Report: The British Journal of Psychology has published an article called “Being altruistic may make you attractive.” In it, scientists from the University of Nottingham in the UK conclude that altruism, or in other words – selfless behavior toward others – makes men more attractive to women. In fact, women value altruism in their partner over any other quality.

My Comment: This is just regular female egoism: women like altruism in men so that men will make selfless sacrifices for them, the women! But it’s hard to find such naive, selfless “knights” these days. They’ve all grown smarter and disappeared hundreds of years ago. They overgrew the animate altruism and became egoistically practical!

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Lessons from My New York Visit

yorkOn the way from the Congress in Blackpool, the UK to the Congress in St. Louis, USA, I met the New York group and gave several lessons to them. All the lessons are about the new global world, the global crisis, and its solution.

I recommend watching or listening to them!

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The Body Is the Soul’s Clothing

soulI once asked Rabash: “What does a Kabbalist feel when he parts with his body? After all, he already feels the soul through the point in the heart that he developed. He feels a different world through the quality of bestowal.” Rabash answered: “It’s similar to how you take off your shirt at night and throw it into the laundry, and then put on a new shirt in the morning. This is how a Kabbalist parts with his animate body and the sensations he feels through it, and continues to perceive through his soul.”

Israel on the Eve of an Economic Earthquake

israelNews Report (translated from Israel’s business newspaper “Globes” has published an interview with attorney Ilan Shavit, a specialist on economic and financial rights, called “Israel On the Eve of an Economic Earthquake.” He warns, “The current crisis is an earthquake and should not be considered transient. Clearly, it’s not over yet.”

My Comment: The problem with these specialists is that their judgment is based on previous experience, and hence they think that a bad period will be followed by a good period – that this is the dynamic of life. However, this time something new has happened: the world became collective, every person’s individuality has disappeared, and the laws of the world have changed. Hence all specialists of the past have to be reeducated and learn the law of the communications between the elements of an organism. These are precisely the laws of the Upper (altruistic) World, described in Kabbalah.

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Report from the Book Fair in Mexico

Below are photos from the Monterrey 2008 international book fair, taking place in Mexico. Our books in Spanish are displayed on the “Tribuna Israelita” stand, an organization that advertises Israel’s most popular authors. About 260,000 visitors from all over world attended the book fair.


I would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to my Spanish speaking students for translating and publishing my books, for disseminating them so well, and for bringing many new students to us through their sincere efforts!

Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution

economicsNews Report (on Nature): In an article called “Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution,” Physicist Jean-Philippe Bouchaud states that we can avoid global economic crises in the future by applying the approach of physics to economic models, thereby changing the economists’ system of thinking and training. He writes: “Compared to physics, it seems fair to say that the quantitative success of the economic sciences is disappointing. What is the flagship achievement of economics, apart from its recurrent inability to predict and avert crises, including the current worldwide credit crunch? Why is this?”

My Comment: The physicist is wrong! It’s easy for him to make these claims because he investigates the part of nature that’s revealed to us, or to our senses. Economics, on the other hand, is a science about human relationships, which aren’t clearly revealed to our senses. We don’t know ourselves as people. All the sciences reveal our world and us in it only on the still, vegetative and animate levels. The “human” level is unattainable to us. We can only study it if we rise to the level above it – the Creator’s level. In other words, we can study it to the degree we are similar to the Creator, or stated simply – when we become Kabbalists.

For this reason, we cannot come out of this global crisis until we begin changing ourselves as parts of a single system, all of whose the parts exist in harmony of all their desires, thoughts and actions. How can we do this? This is what Kabbalah explains to us.

Therefore, there are many new sciences ahead of us about the global system of humanity. Today there is a science that’s very much in demand – “Kabbalistic Economics,” or to be more neutral, “the economics of the global system.”

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