The Financial Crisis Is Helping Us To Understand Our Reality

realityNews Report (from Private Sector Development Blog): Martin Wolf, a columnist for the Financial Times and former chief economist of the World Bank stated: “Among the most important tasks ahead is to create a system of global finance that allows a more balanced world economy, with excess savings being turned into either high-return investment or consumption by the world’s poor.”

News Report (from UK in the USA): Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, believes that the world financial crisis can become the accelerator for the creation of a new kind of society, unique in its aspirations, and he encourages the leaders of the world to lay the foundation for the new global order, internationalism, and the rejection of protectionism.

My Comment: This way, we will gradually reach the awareness of our global system, and from there – the understanding of the quality of the Creator: love and bestowal. Life (Nature or the Creator) will force us to make this decision and implement it.

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On Pleasure And Suffering

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryMan is created out of a desire to receive pleasure – a desire to be filled by the Light. This is why he feels pleasure or its absence – suffering. A person is inside the all-enveloping Light of the Creator. To the degree he is similar or dissimilar to the Light, he feels either pleasure or suffering. This is how he determines the state he’s in.

Kabbalah explains how one can reach the maximum equivalence of form with the Light in order to obtain maximum fulfillment, to the point of receiving infinite (or unlimited) fulfillment while being fully equal to the Light or the Creator.

The global nature of the current suffering is moving all of humanity toward uniting into one whole creation that is completely equal to the single Upper Light. Man implements similarity to the quality of the Light – “Good and Does Good” – by implementing the law of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Suffering will force us to understand that it is necessary to fulfill this law, but the science of Kabbalah will help us to understand Nature’s plan quickly and without the blows, and to consciously aspire toward fulfilling this law of similarity to Goodness. This will replace the suffering with pleasure and shorten the time it takes to attain a state that’s infinite, boundless, and absolutely good.

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The Great Kabbalist Rabbi Akiva

Every Person Has to Find His Own TeacherTwo questions I received on Rabbi Akiva and Kabbalists who weren’t Jewish:

Question: Why did the great Kabbalist Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef, who saw the future, support the uprising of Bar Kokhba (Shimon Bar Koziv) and proclaimed him the Messiah? We know from history that this uprising led to the most deplorable results: it was crushed and Rabbi Akiva was sentenced to a horrible execution! How could a Kabbalist of his stature not have known how this uprising was going to end on the corporeal level and that he would be executed? And how could he have been mistaken about who the Messiah is?

My Answer: A Kabbalist only sees what is revealed to him from above. Complete revelation will take place only at the end of correction.

Question: Were there any great Kabbalists who weren’t Jewish?

My Answer: Yes. One example is our Great Teacher Rabbi Akiva, from whom we received all the commentaries on the Torah.

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The Beginning Of The Spiritual Path

This Path Can Only Be Surmounted by Those Who Walk ItThe beginning of the spiritual path starts with the question about the meaning of life. Actually, one asks about the meaning and purpose of one’s suffering: Is there any point to it?

If one’s desire to find the answer is genuine, then he is led to a place where he receives the answer. From that point on, everything depends on him – he has to realize his freedom of will, because spiritual development is absolutely free. In every other respect, we are like robots!

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Egoistic Desires Are Those Not Aimed At Bestowal And Love For Others

egoThree questions I received on working with egoistic and altruistic desires:

Question: What are the “egoistic desires” and what does it mean “to be above them?”

My Answer: Egoistic desires are all the desires that are not to bestow to others, to love others, and to bestow and love the Creator. They are called egoistic because you desire to receive fulfillment inside them.

“To be above them” means to use them in order to be independent of them, and moreover, to use them for fulfilling others.

Question: You have explained that the “screen” is a rejection of the egoistic desires, an aspiration to be above them. When I want something and strive for it, but I don’t attain it, I tell myself that I don’t want to want it and that it doesn’t depend on me. Is this a rejection of the egoistic desires?

My Answer: No, because in doing so you egoistically don’t want to suffer. This is why you reject your desires: in order to stop feeling emptiness and pain in them.

Question: When one works with absolute bestowal in the corporeal world, despite the feeling of emptiness, the suffering caused by external factors causes a lot of heartache. What can be done about it?

My Answer: Read a lot of material about the global correction. The texts should evoke enough force of the Upper Light in order for you to start feeling the common desire and the Light within it.

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The Mystery Of The Dying Bees

beesNews Report: Over the last year the world’s bee population has declined by one third. At this rate, bees may become extinct in ten years. A dissection of the bees showed the presence of unfamiliar fungus and bacteria. In addition, cell phone radiation disrupts the bees’ orientation so they cannot find their way back to the hive and die.

Without bees, plants would cease to be fertilized. And without plants, man will also become extinct.

My Comment: Nature will force us to think about our balance with It! Balance can be attained only when man will become an integral element of Nature through the proper reception and bestowal, in nature and in society.

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Who Believes In God?

The Moral Norms of a KabbalistA Parable: Once upon a time, in a small American town, a businessman decided to open a bar. The problem was that the bar was on the same street as a church. Obviously, the church officials weren’t happy about this, and at every sermon they called upon the citizens to protest the opening of the bar and to pray for God to punish the immoral businessman.

The day before the bar’s Grand Opening, there was a tremendous thunderstorm. Suddenly, lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground.

The church officials rejoiced, but their festivities did not last long because the bar owner sued them, demanding a compensation for his loss. Of course, the church officials denied any responsibility for the matter.

After hearing out both sides, the judge noted: “Based on the evidence, it appears that the bar owner believes in the power of a prayer, but the church officials do not!”

What Can We Expect from the G-20 Summit In Washington?

g201Editorial News Report (from Executive Intelligence Review): If the participants of the G-20 meeting won’t reach an agreement, the world economy will rapidly collapse, billions of people will die from hunger, and social chaos will begin in the G-7 countries.

My Comment: The participants of the G-20 meeting should at least reach a certain level of mutual trust in order to coordinate their actions in the economic (and perhaps military) spheres. The world needs to see a connection between different countries. It won’t help to simply exercise control over fiscal operations (banks, companies, equalization of different currencies, cancellation of offshore accounts, annihilation of monopolies) and to reach a consensus to refrain from military attacks. This won’t help because Nature is forcing us to become integrated!

Even if they won’t reach an agreement, they should at least agree to meet together in order to solve the problems of global reconstruction, according to the laws of the single system.

A Kabbalistic text says:
“The hearts of the kings and their ministers are in the hands of the Creator.” And the Creator is governed by people’s desires to the degree they are similar to the Creator – to the quality of love for one’s neighbor. Therefore, everything depends on the dissemination of the knowledge about the world’s globality and our connection within one family. When we realize this, we won’t feel hatred for others, but for our own egoism, which is the only evil in the world. And after that we will also feel an aspiration for love of others.

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