The Technique of Entering the Upper World

upper worldA question I received: Lately I feel that many of my actions are not performed by me. It is as though I observe my actions from outside. This realization – that certain actions are not done by me – makes me wish to obtain freedom of choice. But the only free choice I have before the Machsom is the choice of the correct environment. What are these states and how do I work with them?

My Answer: Everything you say is correct! Keep doing what you’re doing, and continue strengthening your connection with the common Kli.

The technique of the process is as follows:
1. By pressuring yourself, put yourself under the influence of the environment (see the article, “Freedom of Will”).

2. The environment will exert a direct influence on your “heart,” and you will begin feeling the importance of bestowal and connecting with others.

3. During the lesson, don’t forget what is important to you, and you will then attract the influence of the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) upon you.

4. Under the Light’s influence, the quality of bestowal will be created within you.

If you constantly proceed along this chain, then after a period of time (3 – 5 years at most) you will cross the Machsom, entering the perception (attainment, revelation) of the Upper World.

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The Only Commandment Is Equivalence With the Creator

Correction Depends Only On Desire, Not KnowledgeQuestions I received on the difference between religion and Kabbalah:

Question: Is studying Torah and keeping the Mitzvot the same thing as being religious?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: I don’t like the word religious if it means dogmatic, static, closed, etc.

My Answer: But the purpose of religion is to preserve, to statically observe. This is exactly the pleasure one feels from being religious!

Question: But the way that I have been studying Torah and practicing Mitzvot (commandments) with Chassidut and Kabbalah seems to be something powerful and important.

My Answer: There are no commandments in Kabbalah, other than equivalence with the Creator through “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Question: The Torah has a revealed component and a hidden component, and they operate together. Therefore doesn’t the continued studying Torah and practicing of Mitzvot (by Jewish people and those who feel drawn to it) operate as a platform or foundation for studying Kabbalah?

My Answer: No.

Question: Doesn’t the traditional practice safeguard the hidden Kabbalistic knowledge that has yet to be revealed?

My Answer: No.

Question: Or, are you saying that all of the old Torah ways need to be discarded like a shell and only the science of Kabbalah should be remain?

My Answer: Yes.

Question: I would like to clarify my question by saying that I have found the Kabbalah instruction on your websites to be wonderfully powerful, enriching and necessary. I see my feelings (conflicted, confused and invigorated) as part of my correction process and I ask these questions respectfully and in the spirit of growth and acceptance.

My Answer: Thank you!

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Even Anti-Semites Are Governed from Above

aboveA question I received: I have a question about Anti-Semitism: Last week, the world’s leader of Christianity, Pope Benedict XVI, said that he concords with the attitudes of the World War II Pope (Pius XII), who helped the Nazis. We know that the Vatican has influence on world politics. What can we hope from the society if we aren’t welcome to them? How can we show them Kabbalah if the leaders think and act against all that is related to the Jewish people?

My Answer: Everything in our world is governed from above, as it is written: “There is not a blade of grass below that doesn’t have an angel above, who strikes it and tells it: ‘Grow!’” The angel “strikes” it because growth can only happen under the influence of suffering, which forces us to replace the current state with a different and more advanced state.

Kabbalah allows us to avert the blows by recognizing that spiritual development is necessary and to grow on our own, without waiting for the angel to strike. In so doing we will advance at our own rate, drawn forward by the good force. We will then reduce the time it takes to go through the process and make the path pleasant. This is what the Kabbalists do.

Since all the governance descends onto the world from above, we shouldn’t criticize the things taking place, because people are governed by angels. Instead, we should act in such a way that will cause better forces of governance to descend onto the world. The “Introduction to the Book of Zohar” talks about this from item 66 on.

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The Third Temple – In Stone or In the Heart?

Redemption Will Come At the Hands of the CreatorNews Report (translated from 7Kanal): The Israeli society keeps having debates about the Third Temple: Should the Temple be built? Should the Land of Israel be populated according to its historical borders? Is it necessary for all the Jews to gather in Zion? Is it necessary to create a Jewish government? And so on. There are many more questions than answers.

My Comment: Many years ago I already wrote about the problem of “populating Zion.” This does not mean building comfortable villas all over Israel, but “populating the heart” with the quality of love and bestowal.

Every time I remind people about our true mission, my words are met with renewed hatred for me. Nevertheless, these reminders will do their job – and will be heard!

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The Four Kinds of Fear

The Book of ZoharThe Zohar provides a full classification of the different kinds of fear. It says in the “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” article “Pkudin Oraita, Pkuda Kadmaa”: There are two fears of this world and two fears of the Upper World. Only the last of these fears is noble and good. The rest appear due to uncorrected egoism, evoking imaginary images of fictitious causes of fear. However, when man uses these fears correctly for his spiritual advancement, he gains the ability to control and accelerate his path to spiritual ascension.

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What Will Become Of Religion After The Full Correction?

Dr. Michael LaitmanTwo questions I received on holidays and religion:

Question: Which Jewish holidays will remain after the Mashiach (Messiah) comes and why?

My Answer: The only holiday that will remain is Purim because it represents the full correction of egoism, when all the differences between people are erased and everyone is equal and merged with the Creator in a complete, perfect and eternal state.

Question: If you really believe that the religions will disappear, then you underestimate their role and necessity in people’s lives.

My Answer: Nothing will happen by force! Nature will lead humanity by suffering and realization to unite and be as one family. Then we will all reveal the Creator and clearly communicate with Him, and religions will be reduced to domestic customs.

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