America Is Waking Up

The Congress in St. Louis showed that America is really waking up. Americans have always considered themselves a nation of pioneers, a nation that discovers something new. And that is what’s going to happen: America is going to tell the whole world about Kabbalah, about the correction of the world and the attainment of its goal. But first, we have to tell America about Kabbalah. Our North American groups showed that they are ready to do so.

Here are some memorable moments from the St. Louis Congress:

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Quantum Entanglement:


Baal HaSulam Describes The Conditions Of Life In A Globalized World

The Greatest Thing You Can Attain Is the Greatest Thing That There IsBaal HaSulam. Article “Freedom of Will:”
“When mankind attains its goal, meaning ascends to the degree of complete love for the fellow man, when all the people in the world will unite in a single heart – only then will all the happiness intended for humanity be revealed in all its glory.”

Baal HaSulam. Article “Peace in the World:”
“First and foremost, each person must thoroughly understand, and explain to those around him, that peace in society, peace in the nation, and peace on the planet are absolutely interconnected.”

Baal HaSulam. Article “The Future Generation:”
“The ethical form, determining the life of every nation, primarily must obligate people to bestow to others according to the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” This will be the social consciousness of all the nations. But except for this, every nation can follow its own religion and tradition, and no nation should interfere with another.”

Baal HaSulam. Article “The Peace:”
“Egoistic resistance between people and nations can only disappear from the world with the help of the Upper Force of the Creator (Nature), if we will wish to unite with Him. This was initially planned in the thought of creation. And if we will strive toward this goal of adhesion with the Creator, then envy, pride, and hatred will disappear, and we will all gather in one heart, filled with the knowledge of the Creator.”

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