It’s Time to Make a New Movie About the Global Crisis

New MovieA question I received: Are you still collaborating with the scientists who were in the film, “Ups and Downs in San Francisco”? The film’s ending was very promising for future collaboration. I’ve also found another community of scientists on the Internet. Perhaps you’d be interested in working with them as well?

My Answer: Although scientists are revealing the crisis (and you don’t have to be a scientist to see it), mankind as a whole – scientists included – do not yet understand the nature of the crisis nor its consequences. They don’t understand that our global connection has made us completely different from what we were before. We are now a unified community. And Nature (or the Creator) regards us completely differently as well: today He demands that we be equivalent to Him; He demands unity!

Since people don’t realize this yet, conventional science continues to receive funding, which means that the old science continues. If something will happen to make people pause and reflect, then it’ll spell the end of the funding. This is why I continue to conduct TV interviews with scientists in my studio, but I no longer look for opportunities to give lectures in their midst.

I think that it’s time to make a new movie about the crisis and its solution, similar to “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” – but this time, about the global, human crisis of our civilization, which includes small crises such as the financial and social ones.

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Chapter from the book Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life – “Kabbalah Meets Quantum Physics”

The Reason for the Failure

The Special Power of KabbalahI see that the main reason for the failure to correct man’s nature is people’s neglect of the Creator’s Light, both in their hearts and minds. All the people turn only to the observance of simpleminded actions, as though it were possible to carry out the commandments only with the body, without the soul.
Rav Kook, Letters, Vol. 1, pages 160-161

Friends, Let’s Join Hands!

Friends, let’s join hands
So each of us won’t perish on his own:


We are living in a global, interconnected world, where everyone depends on everyone, and on “the flap of a butterfly’s wings” in a “small village.” We have to join hands!

We have to make the world round, instead of polar. We have to become friends and relatives, instead of enemies and competitors.

We have to follow the law of Nature or the Creator – “Love they neighbor as thyself.”

We must only decide that there is no other way to live, and desire to live in this new world. Then – from above – we will receive the mind and forces to do this. This is what Kabbalists have done for centuries.

If we don’t, then the crises will grow worse, and through them the Creator or Nature will force us to observe His laws of Globality, Harmony, Unity, and Adhesion with Him.

What Will Happen If Countries Draw National Boundaries on the Internet?

From Our World, to the Virtual World, to the Upper WorldNews report (translated from V. Makarov, president of “Russoft,” announced that the Russian segment of the Internet must be protected from the rest of the World Wide Web with a special gateway filter. Similar gateways are already operating in China and Singapore. The gateway consists of hundreds of thousands of servers that receive information from international sites and then filter it. The project is estimated to cost 1 billion dollars.

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, everything that goes against drawing closer together, communication, integration, and globalization, also goes against Nature. Nature’s objective it is to develop man and society, to bring mankind to unity, reciprocal love and bestowal. Projects like this will bring the people who implement them nothing but crises and miseries!

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The Source of Women’s Loneliness

sourceThe loneliness a woman feels is a unique natural phenomenon. Its source are the Creator’s words addressed to the woman in the Torah: “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” In what sense will he rule over her? Precisely because a woman will feel drawn toward a family, kids, a husband and a home. There are few women in our world who feel that these desires are fulfilled.

Why did the Creator make these aspirations so deeply rooted, taking up a woman’s entire world? It was done for the purpose of evoking such a connection with her husband that would reveal the Creator between them, as it is written: “Husband and wife, and Shechina (the Creator’s revelation) between them.” It’s in order for the Creator to become revealed to people. Only then will loneliness disappear from the world.

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