Preface To The Science Of Kabbalah. Items 6 – 9

ptichaPreface to the Science of Kabbalah (“Pticha”). Items 6 – 9, summary:

6. The five phases of the desire’s development from the Creator to its completed form comprise all of creation. Subsequently the desire is divided into different parts, but each part also consists of all these parts (according to the principle of a holographic image).

The Worlds of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut are still not separated from the Creator through their qualities. Hence, when the soul ascends to these worlds from our world, it merges with the Creator.

7. In the World of Beria, just as in phase 2, the desire to bestow is manifested. Therefore, when the soul is there, it feels independent from the Creator. Nevertheless, this does not make it separate it from the Creator, because it desires to bestow just as He does.

8. In the World of Yetzira, just as in phase 3, the desire to receive is manifested. However, this desire is still insufficient to separate the soul from the Creator.

9. In the World of Assiya phase 4 is manifested – the fully developed desire, called “the body.” It is completely separated from the Creator and feels absolutely independent. The Light inside it is called Nefesh – still, because the desire has no movement of its own.

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How Do We Connect Our Points In The Heart?

Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual GroupThree questions I received on work in the group:

Question: You say: “Don’t connect through your bodies, but through the ‘points in the heart’ – you must feel that they are together.” How do we do this?

My Answer: The point in the heart is a Reshimo (reminiscence) from a past spiritual state. However, now it desires the Creator, spiritual fulfillment, egoistically. With the help of the group, you should try to connect these aspirations for the Creator, even if they are egoistic. Together with the group, you suppress all your other aspirations for this world. You exalt the Creator and belittle this world.

As a result, everyone starts to feel that it’s vitally import to reveal Him, and this will bring you to the goal. See Baal HaSulam’s Letter from p. 70, “I am Sick With Love.” It’s an egoistic aspiration, just like a man yearns to be united with the woman he loves! Nothing more is required of us, because the actual correction of our egoistic nature to equivalence with the Creator is done by the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) – see item 155 of “The Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot.” It created us and only It can correct us! However, It’s waiting for our desire and readiness for this to happen.

Question: What is the difference between nullifying oneself before the Bnei Baruch group and nullifying oneself before other groups that have similar ideas of equality?

My Answer: The difference is the groups’ goal and the method of attaining it.

Question: What should we do when we meet the friends, but there’s no connection between the points in the heart and the meeting turns into a painful and boring pretense? Is this still considered an attempt at the mutual guarantee, unity, and overcoming the ego, or is it better not to even go to these meetings at all?

My Answer: It won’t happen by itself, you have to make efforts and work on it. We’re working against our ego, after all; this isn’t exactly “love at first sight.”

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One’s Reward Depends On One’s Effort

rewardA question I received: “A cell in the eye is more important than billions of cells in a finger. That is how much more important one organ is than another. The difference between the souls is the same: from the moment they came out of the general soul, the souls are completely unequal to each other. And we exist in this world the same way – there is no equality between us. However, in the process of self-correction, each one of us completes himself to attain the height of the Creator” (This is a quote from the Academic Course in RussianKabbalistic Anthropology, Lesson 3 – “The Spiritual Construction of Adam HaRishon).

Does this mean that if my soul’s root is that of a simple worker, then I’ll always remain second-class? If the Creator made me this way, then is this forever, or for a long time?

My Answer: Every person who completes himself to reach the level of Creator, becomes absolutely equal to Him! You should go over the topic: “The opposite connection of the desire and the fulfillment” (Erech Hafuch Orot VeKelim). When one who originated from the lowest place acquires a screen and Reflected Light, he is elevated to Keter – the Creator, just like one who originated from a higher place. The difference lies in the work, and the reward depends on the effort. So it’s useless to just sit there and suffer – you have to work!

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