What Will Become Of Religion After The Full Correction?

Dr. Michael LaitmanTwo questions I received on holidays and religion:

Question: Which Jewish holidays will remain after the Mashiach (Messiah) comes and why?

My Answer: The only holiday that will remain is Purim because it represents the full correction of egoism, when all the differences between people are erased and everyone is equal and merged with the Creator in a complete, perfect and eternal state.

Question: If you really believe that the religions will disappear, then you underestimate their role and necessity in people’s lives.

My Answer: Nothing will happen by force! Nature will lead humanity by suffering and realization to unite and be as one family. Then we will all reveal the Creator and clearly communicate with Him, and religions will be reduced to domestic customs.

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  1. what is the kabbalah’s view on holy spirit and jesus?

  2. why have the contributions of esther/ester been virtually eliminated from this exposition?

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