A Spiritual Revolution Is Inevitable

spiritualA question I received: You look serious and wise, but your ideas and proposals to humanity are utopian. Are you really sure they can be implemented, or that there is even a chance of implementing a spiritual revolution of all humanity?

My Answer: Because I understand human nature, I know that all our desires, thoughts, and actions are absolutely egoistic and cannot be any different. However, because I also understand the nature of the Upper World and the Light, I am absolutely sure – and know from personal experience – that the Light which created our egoism can change it to altruism in an instant. However, It will do so only if we desire it.

We can develop this desire only by recognizing that our egoism is evil for us, by seeing how much suffering it causes us. The question is: How much suffering will it take? We can do it by studying a small crisis – such as the present one – and recognizing that our attitudes to each other are opposite to the global “village” of humanity. We can recognize this so deeply that we will start advancing to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” to equivalence with Nature or the Creator.

For example, we can institute a global education system that will teach everyone about the fact that we live in a world where everyone is interdependent. In addition, this can be explained by all the mass media and the educational institutions worldwide, from kindergartens to universities. (For more on this, see my “Lecture in Arosa.”)

Any attempts we make to this end – even the smallest first attempts – will already reverse our opposition to Nature, because through these actions we will turn to face Nature (the Creator) and come closer to It. If our overall desires will be to change, then this will happen easily, because the Creator hears none other than the request of the society.

Nature will execute its plan one way or another, and this plan is already complete and existent in the spiritual world. Still, it would be best to avoid the catastrophes, whether social, ecological, military, biological or others, which will force us to detach from egoism. There is a pleasant path to Nature’s goal (see the article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose“); this is why we were given the science of Kabbalah. At the very least, we have to do everything that’s up to us, but the spiritual revolution will happen in any case!

A Parable: A man walked along the seashore and saw a boy picking something up from the sand and throwing it into the sea. The man came closer and saw that the things the boy was picking up from the sand were starfish; he was completely surrounded by them. It seemed like there were millions of starfish on the sand; the shore was literally filled with them for many miles ahead.

“Why are you throwing these starfish in the water?” asked the man, as he approached the boy.

“If they stay on the shore until the morning tide, they will die,” answered the boy, without interrupting what he was doing.

“But this is stupid!” yelled the man, “Look around you! There are millions of starfish here, the shore is filled with them. Your efforts won’t make any difference!”

The boy picked up the next starfish, thought for a moment, then threw it into the sea and said, “No, my efforts will change a lot… for this starfish.”

Then the man also picked up a starfish and threw it into the sea. And then another one. By the time the night was over, there were many people on the shore, and each of them was picking up and throwing starfish into the sea. When the sun rose, the shore was empty – no soul was left unsaved.

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  1. I try very hard to practice teaching of Kabbalah in everyday life “love other person like you love yourself”, but I only can love my two sons. Other people very easily hurt me emotionally (I have very thin skin…) and unfairness upsets me so much…
    Life is not fair and I know it…So what is the reason for living? Very often, I feel like I don’t want to live. I don’t see any point in it, especially that I cannot practice the basic rule of Kabbalah. Again I am not about to take my life, because I love my kids.
     I love Kabbalah – it is the only thing that makes sense to me, however I am not able to practice it…I don’t like people.
    So how I can learn to love people as our Kabbalah teaches us?



  2. Elena,

    I feel the same way as you do. I think most people feel the same way. I don’t try to change my feelings anymore. I just study Kabbalah, and let nature do the rest. I think that as long as you are studying, with the intention of being corrected, and thus all of society corrected, then that’s enough. After all ,what more can you do?

    Rav often says that we can’t do anything but study, and make Kabbalah available to others. That’s it. After that, we just have to feel what we feel, and continue.

    I think living for the purpose of correction is a good reason to live. Honestly, I can’t think of any other reason to live anymore. I don’t say this because I feel close to being corrected, I say it because, like you, I don’t feel much pleasure in living anymore. Maybe that is a good thing though. I enjoy studying Kabbalah, and I hope to, one day, enjoy life completely through what Kabbalah will reveal.

    I guess we have to wait until more of society is corrected until we really feel good about life. But if we do, then let’s patiently wait. Rav says things are going to change for the better, and that this is a special time. There are still some tough times to go through. United, we can do it.

  3. Dear Elena,

    Your post touched me and although I don’t know how to help you I just felt the need to say something back….

    You know, this is not about other people, it is about – you….

    For start, learn to love yourself…forgive yourself…understand yourself.

    You love Kabbalah (by the way,I don’t know anything about it but would love to learn) so use it to learn more about yourself, and to learn how to love yourself …

    I believe that deep inside, in our hearts and our soul- we are all the same. Loving yourself is not selfish but rather a way to learn more about the other people through your own story. Once you are happy with yourself and with who you are -all of sudden it will become much easier to relate to the other people.

    I hope someone smarter and more wise than myself will answer your question in a better way ….I just felt so much unhappiness behined your words that I had to respond (or throw a starfish back to water before sadness and lonliness take completely over)

    They say: Love is answer, whatever the question.

    You don’t have to love the whole world at once.
    You love your children, it is a great love that can fulfill your life. Let that love take over, to spread and flow…
    For that love and because of that love you need to include yourself into the love as well.

    Love yourself….


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