Why Does A Man Need A Woman In Kabbalah?

needTwo questions I received on spiritual partnerships:

Question: Why does a man who studies Kabbalah need a woman, and how can he “use” her the right way?

My Answer: Every person in our world has:

1) Bodily desires for food, family, and sex;
2) Social desires for wealth, power, fame, and knowledge.

The desires for family and sex are realized with a partner, either with the intention to receive pleasure egoistically, or with the intention to realize them as a commandment, or in other words, in order to attain the Creator.

The desire for spirituality is formed by the female and male parts of humanity as a whole. All men are like Adam and all women are like Eve. Therefore, one needs to see one’s partner in life as a partner on the spiritual path as well. It is possible – and good – if your partner cooperates with you in this regard.

Question: What are the best articles to read to your wife if she wants you to?

My Answer: The parts of Baal HaSulam’s and Rabash’s articles that are interesting to both of you.

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