On Pleasure And Suffering

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryMan is created out of a desire to receive pleasure – a desire to be filled by the Light. This is why he feels pleasure or its absence – suffering. A person is inside the all-enveloping Light of the Creator. To the degree he is similar or dissimilar to the Light, he feels either pleasure or suffering. This is how he determines the state he’s in.

Kabbalah explains how one can reach the maximum equivalence of form with the Light in order to obtain maximum fulfillment, to the point of receiving infinite (or unlimited) fulfillment while being fully equal to the Light or the Creator.

The global nature of the current suffering is moving all of humanity toward uniting into one whole creation that is completely equal to the single Upper Light. Man implements similarity to the quality of the Light – “Good and Does Good” – by implementing the law of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Suffering will force us to understand that it is necessary to fulfill this law, but the science of Kabbalah will help us to understand Nature’s plan quickly and without the blows, and to consciously aspire toward fulfilling this law of similarity to Goodness. This will replace the suffering with pleasure and shorten the time it takes to attain a state that’s infinite, boundless, and absolutely good.

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