Israel on the Eve of an Economic Earthquake

israelNews Report (translated from Israel’s business newspaper “Globes” has published an interview with attorney Ilan Shavit, a specialist on economic and financial rights, called “Israel On the Eve of an Economic Earthquake.” He warns, “The current crisis is an earthquake and should not be considered transient. Clearly, it’s not over yet.”

My Comment: The problem with these specialists is that their judgment is based on previous experience, and hence they think that a bad period will be followed by a good period – that this is the dynamic of life. However, this time something new has happened: the world became collective, every person’s individuality has disappeared, and the laws of the world have changed. Hence all specialists of the past have to be reeducated and learn the law of the communications between the elements of an organism. These are precisely the laws of the Upper (altruistic) World, described in Kabbalah.

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