Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution

economicsNews Report (on Nature): In an article called “Economics Needs a Scientific Revolution,” Physicist Jean-Philippe Bouchaud states that we can avoid global economic crises in the future by applying the approach of physics to economic models, thereby changing the economists’ system of thinking and training. He writes: “Compared to physics, it seems fair to say that the quantitative success of the economic sciences is disappointing. What is the flagship achievement of economics, apart from its recurrent inability to predict and avert crises, including the current worldwide credit crunch? Why is this?”

My Comment: The physicist is wrong! It’s easy for him to make these claims because he investigates the part of nature that’s revealed to us, or to our senses. Economics, on the other hand, is a science about human relationships, which aren’t clearly revealed to our senses. We don’t know ourselves as people. All the sciences reveal our world and us in it only on the still, vegetative and animate levels. The “human” level is unattainable to us. We can only study it if we rise to the level above it – the Creator’s level. In other words, we can study it to the degree we are similar to the Creator, or stated simply – when we become Kabbalists.

For this reason, we cannot come out of this global crisis until we begin changing ourselves as parts of a single system, all of whose the parts exist in harmony of all their desires, thoughts and actions. How can we do this? This is what Kabbalah explains to us.

Therefore, there are many new sciences ahead of us about the global system of humanity. Today there is a science that’s very much in demand – “Kabbalistic Economics,” or to be more neutral, “the economics of the global system.”

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