Obama: A Chance For Hope Or Another Disappointment?

RussiaNews Report (translated from Kursor.co.il): “Obama Will Soon Disappoint His Electorate.” People are putting great hopes on Barack Obama. He isn’t just a political leader, but the hope of the entire generation, a man who will bring prosperity to all, and first of all, redemption from the financial crisis.

My Comment:
The reasons why Obama was “elected”: In recent years, the world sees the United States as an international cop and overbearing teacher. It is fighting a war in Iraq, keeping prisoners in the jails of Guantanamo without trials or charges, and its arrogance sets it against regions such as Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Moreover, it is once again starting a cold war with Russia. In other words, the United States has earned an extremely unfavorable image. They are even accused of all the disasters happening in the world.

This unattractive picture has been augmented by the current global financial crisis, for which everyone blames the United States because it is the international center of the entire global economy and finance. The worse people all over the world will feel during this developing crisis, the more hatred and blame will be put on the United States. The world opinion is that the Anglo-Saxon white Protestant America has been ruling the whole world and arrogantly setting the standards for everyone, for too many years.

In order to relieve all of these negative attitudes and to alter their unfavorable image, Americans decided to bring the African-American Obama to the post of President. This neutralizes the hatred of the United States’ black and Hispanic population, brings about greater understanding and connection between the United States and the Latin American countries, as well as Asia, Africa, and even Europe. It also removes grounds for Russia to accuse the United States, since with a black president, there are many things you can’t blame America for anymore. The operation was accomplished professionally and just in time. However, apart from diverting accusations, anger, and the international community’s negative attitude to the United States, will it bring positive results?

The Solution: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the global crisis is just starting and will keep growing. It will last until humanity brings itself to full equivalence with Nature (the Creator). Kabbalah explains how to do this.

Disappointment: Today, however, it is very unlikely that Obama’s advisers are ready to hear what Kabbalah has to say. Apparently, the world must suffer several more blows – like the Pharaoh in Egypt – in order to hear the truth. Hence all those who hope for positive changes have failed expectations ahead of them! The Creator gave this world a new leader – Obama, but he can only become that leader by starting a global reconstruction of people’s perception of the world.

The situation in the world can only be improved by studying the essence of the global world and educating all of humanity about a new attitude to the world – the world as one whole. If we create a system of global education about the global world, then the whole world will immediately feel that it is congruent to Nature (the Creator), and everyone’s hopes will come true!

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  1. I don’t know if the kabbalah views Obama as the coming messiah, but I believe that the world looking to this  man as the messiah is a major mistake.  He is only a human being.  He represents different things to different people.  He isn’t even a US citizen. He is in charge of the strongest military country in the world.  His preacher for 20 years hates whites. He is friends with Farrakan who open calls him the messiah, and openly hates the Jews.  I cannot see anything good about him.  I don’t know if you believe in the anti christ, but christian belief teaches that this may be the man who leads the world to destruction.  My only question is:   is it possible to avoid being part of the destruction that is heading our way?  I try to follow kabbalah as much as possible, I read the Zohar, I have a Sabbath meal, with my family I have a point in the heart and have developed a screen, I constantly try to do mitzvahs and, being born catholic, follow the Catholic religion to a point.  I am very fearful as to what is in store for humanity and I want to avoid it.  Any suggestions?

  2. I watched your video on youtube “7000000” I was very impressed with it, so much so that it directed me to try and find out more about who created it. I was surprised to see it was a Dr. of Kabbalah but knowing so very little about that subject I figure to keep an open mind and listen to what you had to say. I had to agree with much of what you say but then reading your comments about Obama I feel again very negative feelings towards Jews, you seem to profess a certain holistic spirituality
    but then as I read your comments about Obama I’m reading racist comments,
    uninformed opinions and rehash of junk you find on freerepublic “He’s not even a US citizen. “He’s friends with Farrakan” or talking about him as the Messiah or the Anti-Christ what the F*** are you guys talking about? Are you crazy! He’s a president it has nothing to do with religion your friend George W brought this on us
    why are you not asking if he’s the anti-Christ? Your talk a good game about
    love but I get that in reality it’s all BS because in reality your still got that Us vs them attitude I hope that Obama does do one thing make Israel live up to it’s commitments under Camp David accords or pull all forms of funding to Israel.

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