How Does “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” Apply to Women?

womenTwo questions I received on a woman’s ability to love others as herself:

Question: You wrote in a previous blog post that women cannot love one another because of their nature. I would like to know what is a woman’s nature? If it is the quality of deficiency, then please explain what kind of a deficiency this is, and what is the spiritual meaning of this concept? How is it expressed? And do women also advance through the 125 levels of correction?

My Answer: Every woman represents a desire, and every man represents the fulfillment of this desire. Hence, it’s impossible for women to be friends with anyone, and they can only love what belongs to them. Yet precisely this quality makes them the carriers of the desire that the men have to correct and fulfill.

Besides this, every man and every woman have their own inner “man” and “woman,” not only according to the chromosomes but also according to spiritual properties. Women provide men with the aspiration toward the Creator, pushing them to attain the goal of creation – and together they attain it.

Question: Can I apply the concept of “love thy neighbor” in relation to my wife?

My Answer: You should treat your wife according to the rules of society, and you should work together with your friends – the people with whom you must reach the mutual guarantee (Arvut) – to realize the law of the single soul, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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  1. the more i read about the question of women and kabbalah the more confused i become. i read in your blog post about great women kabbalahists, such as Debura, but i can’t square that with what i read about women and kabbalah.

    may i ask you: what is it that makes a a woman kabbalahist? men’s paths and women’s paths are different, certainly. , but, if, as you stated in another blog entry, that women do not marriage to progress to spirituality, how does a woman progress on the path of kabbalah?

    one more thing–you also state that, in a blog post, that women want to be like men, but, i notice that it is men who are defining what a woman’s role is. i say this with all due respect.

    thank you very kindly.

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