The Current Crisis Is “The First Plague Of Egypt”

Don’t Fight Egoism AloneA question I received: You have said that the current crisis is the first plague of Egypt. When will it end? Do you see an end to the decline and the layoffs?

My Answer: The crisis is not just a decline. Banks have stopped giving out credit loans out of fear that they won’t be returned. This is causing a rise in the unemployment rates, a halt in real estate and auto sales, a slowdown in production and a devaluation of resources. This trend can last for a long time, until people will learn the law of the global interdependence, which obliges us to change our relationships: to make sure that all our actions will have a positive effect on the whole world.

Here’s Hollywood’s depiction of the plagues of Egypt, which are an allegory:


Of course, we must “translate” what’s written in the Torah into its authentic, spiritual meaning, as Kabbalah explains it!

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