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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s already absolutely clear to us that there is the Creator behind a friend’s spiritual desire. But that thought constantly escapes to the side. You think, “I give and give, when am I going to get something out of this?” On the other hand, the game is rigged, and all the states were prearranged: the taking of Moses out of the river, Nachshon leaping into the water, the taking of the last stone from the Tower of Babel…Apparently there is some kind of leverage that makes it possible for us to be accommodated to a state. You once said that it’s possible to learn for years and make an effort to connect, but there is luck to everything. What is “luck” in spirituality and how does one get it?

Answer: Luck comes to a person on condition that he is ready to participate in the “game.” It’s as if I go to a casino, and there on zero, on the red…I don’t give up, I believe in luck and really insist: luck must come. I involve my associates, friends, and my teacher, that they will direct us more precisely. We must include the wise Kabbalists who have brought us to this path. They already ran the game well, correctly, sensibly, and effectively. In addition, we involve the Creator: If we do everything right, then we can receive help from Him and get a “good luck sign” from Him. It be reached only in this way.

Our luck is that we were already chosen for a special role: to lead the world to correction. If we accept this “card” and are ready to play it, we already have something in our hand. On the other hand, we must also take the second “card,” meaning the group and the teacher, with whom together we arrange the general rules of the game.

And if we organize everything correctly, then we have someone to play with, with the upper force, with the Creator. And then luck comes: The upper Light “drips” on us in drops. It doesn’t flow, rather it drips, and even though these drops descend intermittently, ultimately they correct and connect us, shape us in a form such that the Creator will be revealed among us.

This is called “luck.” To be lucky means to be ready to work, receiving the drops of Light and not being desperate in the intervals between them, being in a negative and a positive state, in the dark and in the Light, and correcting ourselves so that the trickle of “luck” will become a strong current.

Here everything depends on desires, on our Kelim. “Luck” comes to person if he is ready to accept these drops without complaint and to continue on the path, while the interruptions between have not let them become “mighty waters.” Not everyone is ready to stand in this. Someone who is ready, he has “luck”…

Question: In other words, not everyone is able to nullify himself?

Answer: Indeed, not everyone. As it is written, “A thousand enter a room, and one comes out to teach.” As is understood, this is not talking about one person in a thousand. Generally, attaining the method is already a big step forward. In the words of Baal HaSulam, even if people come in contact with the method even once, their reward is very great, and they are raised and separated from the rest of humanity.

And in spite of all this, many fall on the way. Upon what does this depend? On that same “luck”…

Question: But everything that is in me is formed by the Creator. Where is the turning point, where the one who is working is not Him, rather it’s me?

Answer: The turning point is in this: The person needs to pass from his relationship to the Creator and the studies, from himself to his friends. This is the point. If he is prepared to bend himself, and not be broken, if he is ready to persist and not abandon the path while discovering true hatred, then he attains great changes.

In general people break at this point: They are ready for everything, except to nullify themselves towards the friends. Calculations begin, excuses: family, children, daily life, spiritual pride…in brief there are many problems, but this is precisely the test, the Creator can’t help here.

One way or another, the result is not known from the start, the fate of the person is not recorded from the start. Will he be ready to bend himself? It’s necessary to work to be absolutely nullified to the teacher and the group. It’s specifically here that “luck” is needed…
From the Talk during a Festive Meal 3/27/13

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