By The Law Of Roots And Branches

627.2Question: How do you feel about biblical miracles: the parting of the sea, ten plagues, manna from heaven, and so on? In the primary sources, it is written that these are miracles.

There are people who believe it and there are others who try to prove that these events really happened. What is your attitude toward them?

Answer: I treat it the way the Kabbalists do: there are no miracles in the world at all. Everything that seems to us like miracles are natural phenomena that can occur under special circumstances, even within the framework of our world; the Bible (Torah) speaks not of the material world, but of the properties of the upper world.

The entire Torah speaks only about what happens to people when they achieve these properties.

Question: According to the law of root and branch, could these events occur?

Answer: Yes. The higher root must manifest itself at least once in its lower, earthly branch.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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