Until Others Are Dearer To You Than Yourself

624.04Comment: Our planet is in a very bad condition. In the past there were all sorts of programs to fix things.

My Response: In the past we were more naïve, but now we already understand that there is nothing we can do. The human mind can only ruin, destroy, destruct, or lead us to a dark and gloomy future.

Question: So why do we have such confidence in our minds?

Answer: So that we will fully realize that our mind is worthless.

Question: Is it like a mousetrap?

My Response: Yes. What is the difference between man and all the other creatures? It is supposedly our minds. It sounds as if man is proud of it. We have a machine in our head called a brain and emotions in our heart, but they are both egoistic, closed inside themselves and locked in our daily existence, so nothing good can ever come from them.

Question: So what can we do?

Answer: The only thing we can do is to get closer to each other. We should reach such relations between us in which others are dearer to us than ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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