Hate Creation?

261Comment: You once said that in every person there is both the Creator and a creation. I must love the Creator and hate creation.

My Response: No, I would not say that creation should be hated because it is also a part of the Creator coming from above. I just have no right to agree with it. I must work against this egoistic part together with its owner.

And my friend is a person who can separate his “I” from his egoism and from his point in the heart.

Egoism was given to him by the Creator initially and so was the point in the heart. But it begins to manifest itself from some point in life. Therefore, I relate to the personal “I” of a friend.

His point in the heart and his egoism are two parameters that are given to him by the Creator. Therefore, by relating to his “I,” I help him in developing his point in the heart and in suppressing his animal egoistic qualities.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To Love the Creator… to Hate Creation…” 10/22/11

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