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Rosh HaShanah Is a New Stage of the Path

288.1Rosh HaShanah is the beginning of a new period, and we need to try to renew all our forces and most importantly the ones that are aimed at our connection so that it will be worthy of becoming a new chapter, the beginning of a new time.

The entire work of a person is to rise above the egoistic reason in which we found ourselves as the result of the sin of Adam HaRishon, that is, because of the evil inclination, which is ruling within us. It is necessary to try by all means to remain in faith above reason, as much as possible, in order for all of us to be together as one man in one heart directed to the Creator.

We need to connect with each other, grasp the Creator and not let go of Him by our prayers, requests, appeals, and hopes until we feel that we are really together with Him and we are all as one man connected with the Creator. This will be called the beginning of the year, the beginning of renewal, Rosh HaShanah.

The sin of Adam allows a person to feel the distance separating him from the Creator, which means that it gives him the opportunity to take steps toward the Creator. A person is like a baby who is just learning to walk, and therefore, adults support him, help him take the first, small, uncertain steps so a person with the help of the group can move forward and take steps toward the Creator.

A person relies on the group, each time discovering that he is not able to do anything by himself and immediately falls as soon as he is left alone. Then he rises again, as it is written: “A thousand times the righteous will fall and rise again.” This is how a person learns to go to the Creator and get closer to Him with each step.

Faith is the light that allows a person to work in order to come closer to the Creator by becoming similar to Him.

The Rosh Hashanah holiday is a renewal that applies to all created beings that are entering a new period, with new conditions in their relationship with the Creator, and therefore they can mark a new stage of the path for themselves.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/23, “Rosh Hashana

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Rosh HaShanah Is the Head of all Development

527.09During Rosh HaShanah there is a new revelation of the distance separating us from the Creator. Any event begins by revealing a new property that separates us from the Creator. And during the Rosh HaShanah holiday, we reach adhesion with the Creator in this property.

Therefore, Rosh HaShanah is the head of our entire development, and all the properties that are manifested in this holiday, later are revealed even more and more fully during all other holidays and special dates.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/23, “Rosh Hashana

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We Will Understand Each Other without Words

514.04Question: A sage was asked: “Why, when people quarrel, do they shout even though they are next to each other?” He replied: “When people quarrel, their hearts move away, and they have to shout. But when they fall in love, they speak softly because their hearts are very close. When they fall deeper in love, they whisper. And later, they understand everything without words.”

The question is this: Do we have to go through this stage from shouting to silence through talking, whispering, and silence?

Answer: This is good! If all people were silent but at the same time understood each other, it would be the most wonderful state.

Question: Please explain how it is possible to be silent and understand each other. They say: “Through the heart.” When we say it, it sounds beautiful.

Answer: Through contact, the inner contact of one with another, the contact of hearts.

Question: Do we just sit in silence and understand each other?

Answer: Yes, nothing else is needed.

Question: You said there are no words in spirituality. Is this what you meant?

Answer: Certainly, feelings

without words.

Question: Closeness such that no words are needed?

Answer: Yes, people who have lived together for many years usually understand each other this way.

Question: Can you and your wife sit like this, calmly and silently, and understand each other?

Answer: We understand each other so well that when we meet, it’s enough to look at each other and everything is clear. After all, we have been together for nearly 50 years.

Question: Tell me, please, in regard to this silence, can it be perceived as a conversation, as a prayer? Is prayer better in the heart or spoken in words?

Answer: It is better in the heart. You sit and talk inside yourself.

Question: You don’t read an already written prayer, but just say it? Is such a prayer heard?

Answer: Yes, it is heard.

Question: And with regard to others whom you may be praying for, and above?

Answer: This is exactly how it is taken.

Question: Today we see in our world, in humanity, that everyone is shouting. Even on TV programs. They sit one meter from each other screaming and shouting. What do people, and humanity in general, need to do to at least turn the screaming into a conversation?

Answer: We need the person next to me to take my hand and calmly, in a low voice, even in a whisper, convince me of what he wants.

Question: Should he want something in return from me?

Answer: Yes. He wants to convey something to me. So that his narrative would be exactly in this form, in this way, so it comes from the heart, and so I can open my heart in return, and for everything to flow from one heart to another.

Comment: You are describing a perfect setting when people sit together and want to convey warmth to each other.

My Response: And we, the audience, are watching this TV show, feeling glad the right, normal people are on it today. It is a pleasure to listen to them. Although they say very little, we understand everything.

Comment: You are talking about the ideal state, not quite of this world. I know that you don’t watch much television. But it’s enough to look…

My Response: I definitely don’t watch such programs.

Comment: Yes, there are such shows, like in boxing rings. A fight is going on. No wonder there is a kind of sport now where someone punches someone in the face. It is the same here; they punch you in the face. They probably don’t even care to start a conversation.

My Response: They don’t know how to. They weren’t taught this. They have a completely different attitude.

Question: But humanity won’t achieve anything through shouting anyway?

Answer: No, of course not.

Comment: That is, everyone will prove their case and…

My Response: They don’t prove anything; they don’t hear each other. All that matters is that when another person speaks, I speak too. That is all.

Question: In any case, here is a practical question: how can we transition to a conversation? What do we need?

Answer: Many more years will pass and time will work on us. It will tell both of them or a group of people that it is useless, that it is not worth doing. And they will gradually lose the desire to participate in such talk shows.

Then some turning point will come when they stop making such “circus acts.” Afterward a deep expression of our intentions will follow.

Question: Do you think that such fighting will fade?

Answer: It must.

Question: But how, will it come from above?

Answer: Naturally, from above. No doubt about it.

Question: Do you believe that it won’t come from us?

Answer: No. Nothing good can come from us.

Question: Silent and calm will come from above?

Answer: Yes. Let’s sit and be quiet. This will be the show.

Question: Do they grow disappointed in us? Why would this suddenly happen?

Answer: No one from above is disappointed. Who are we to be disappointed in?

Therefore we will simply come to the kind of television shows conveyed through feelings. Not words but feelings. We have to do something with ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/31/23

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How Can I Come Closer to the Friends?

938.02Question: How do I come closer to the friends, where does it all start?

Answer: It all starts with the recognition of the need, of the fact that you definitely need to come closer to them. If you do not feel a common inner connection with them, then there is no point for you to continue your movement toward the Creator. First, you must establish a heartfelt connection with your friends, that is, the connection in the depths of your heart.

In this common heart, you aim to the Creator and want to feel Him more so that He would fill you.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/23, “The need for the Creator’s salvation”

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From Animal Desires to Human Desires

707Question: Why did the Creator create man in an animal body?

Answer: As we develop, we learn how much the body we are in helps us achieve the goal of creation.

Question: How do I move from animal desires within myself to human desires?

Answer: The difference between them is only in your connection in the group. You are obliged to help each other in this, otherwise you will not reach any state of connection with each other and will not come to the goal of creation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/23, “The need for the Creator’s salvation”

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One Nation as One Family

200.02In science, diversity of opinions and disputes are useful and help global advancement; but in politics disagreements, on the contrary, can lead to division in society and civil war. Is it possible to have different and even opposite opinions about what the character of the country and its purpose should be and at the same time feel like one nation and one family?

Everything is possible in this life only if we look at how to strengthen the connection between us despite all the differences of opinion. If the difference breaks our bond, then we should not reveal it until we have strengthened our connection.

Each step should begin with greater unity, and only then can we discuss where our opinions don’t match. And then, despite the fact that one thinks one way and the another thinks another way, we will decide how to unite, and from this unity we will see the answer.

In fact the answer is simple: the right decision is the revelation of the Creator. When the Creator reveals Himself in us, He gives us all the right decisions.

After all, society is not a laboratory where we can conduct experiments and verify an unambiguous result. It turns out that there are not those who are right and those who are wrong because the truth is above all our disputes. The truth is that “all transgressions will be covered by love.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/23, “A Dispute For the Sake of The Creator”

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“Is life a test?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is life a test?

It is written in the Torah that we each go through tests in our lives through which the upper providene examines us. Indeed, our lives are a test.

It is most obvious in the story about the exodus from Egypt. “Egypt” represents our egoistic desires, and the more we prepare ourselves to exit our egos, the more we start feeling our ego working on, controlling and overcoming us, and we too constantly try to overcome it.

The increasing difficulty to overcome our ego is called “the burdening of the heart,” which brings us to feel that we are entirely under the ego’s rule, under Pharaoh, and we feel it as our enemy.

Why do we come to feel the ego dwelling inside us as our enemy? It is due to a tiny point of a desire in us called “Moses” that attracts us to the other side of our ego: a reality of positive connection among each other with attitudes of love and bestowal in our midst.

In this game with the upper force of love and bestowal called “the Creator,” as well as with Pharaoh, Moses, the people of Israel (i.e., those who share the common point of a desire to rise above the ego) and the Egyptians, we start discovering these forces operating inside us. We start seeing how we are lost under Pharaoh’s rule without the upper force of love and bestowal (the Creator) to pull us out.

If we go through life knowing that it is our Egypt and that we have to rise to a higher level and not remain in the ego, where our inner Pharaoh and Egyptians want to hold us, we will then learn how to use our lives in a way that brings us all to a state of total harmony, peace and happiness. We then come to see life as our aim to escape our egoistic nature and head out to what is called “redemption,” which is the sensation of the upper world, eternity and perfection.

Our lives are thus indeed a test and an opportunity. If we constantly try to see where and how we are being operated upon, and try to hold onto the thought that beyond our egoistic desires there is a higher force of love and bestowal that wishes for us to become mature beings by rising above our egos, then we can view our lives as a test—as our own test on ourselves.

We can then exercise what it means to live above the ego in a reality where the upper force of love and bestowal fills the connections between us. By doing so, we draw those loving and bestowing forces into our lives and accordingly rise to the eternal and whole spiritual life. If we do not apply such a test upon ourselves and continue letting our egoistic desires determine our every thought and movement, then we simply disappear when we die, and we then just reawait our next chance in the next lifecycle.

Based on “Ask the Kabbalist” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on July 18, 2008. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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