Why Do We Eat The Head Of Fish On Rosh Hashanah?

560Question: The symbols of Rosh Hashanah are certain foods at the festive table. I would like to understand where they come from. Why do we eat the head of the fish, pomegranate seeds, and carrots?

Answer: This is taken from what are called hints of the New Year. We expect it to be good, that we will succeed in the coming year in greater attainment of the Creator who will be revealed in even greater unity between us.

Therefore, we ask the Creator to provide us with correct intentions and desires, the correct way of getting closer to each other so that we can reveal Him in our unity because He is revealed in the correct connections between people.

This is what we consider the head of the year, Rosh Hashanah. That is, the most important thing is the unity between us in which the Creator is revealed. We want it to become our head. And as a symbol of this, we eat the head of a fish.

Fish, by the way, is not meat or vegetable, but something neutral, as if it does not belong to our world. It comes from water. Water represents the light of Hassadim, the light of mercy. Fish is what grows in this light of goodness.

Question: So the Kabbalists chose the head of fish for a reason?

Answer: The head is the head of the year when we want to mark that we now want to rise to a new level and advance in a new way.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur

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