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Condition For Contact With The Creator

528.02Question: Are the steps of development of the embryo the measures of correction, the extent to which we can balance our egoism with altruistic intentions that the Creator forms in us?

Answer: Yes. The images of correct intentions represent the form of a spiritual embryo.

You can achieve this degree only through a group of like-minded people. There is no way to contact the Creator directly because the connection with Him passes through others.

By striving to connect with like-minded people, we seem to create a condition for contact with the Creator.

That is, the Creator is a force that dresses up in a group and acts on a person through it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 8/6/21

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Love Only And No Philosophy

630.2Why should you take by force that from us that which you can have by Love? (Chief Powhatan)

By force, it seems to us that it is easier, that it is closer, that it is one action. And love, I have to fight against myself not against another. I have to show it. I need to make sure that the other person has felt my attitude toward him as correct and that I have already felt a certain response from him. That’s when you can say that I succeeded in my correction.

Question: Outwardly, should I show this love and the effort that I make on myself in order to love a person I do not love?

Answer: I have to play at it until I awaken the same reaction from the person to myself.

Question: So I should feel this mutual breath to feel the love between us?

Answer: Sure. Without this, it is considered that you did not show love, did not express it, that you, in turn, did not achieve love.

Question: This happens only when I overcome myself. Is there no such thing as simple, natural love? Is it not love?

Answer: No. This is all just philosophy.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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Manifesting Spiritual Seed

622.02Out of the desire—and with the extension of the soul that he extends there—another force is drawn, from among those degrees of angels that are called “persons,” and everything enters into the extension of the semen, and the body is built of them. This is the first, lowermost force of those three degrees—the Nefesh. (Zohar for All, “Lech Lecha,” Item 97).

This is about the spiritual gradation of a person. In our world, the following gradations are accepted: newborn, child, teenager, adolescent, young man, adult, elderly, and old man.

In the spiritual world there also are also degrees of a person’s development and elevation to the level of the Creator, up to the so-called seventy spiritual years, when one reaches full equivalence with the Creator.

Ish (person) is the first degree of a person’s spiritual development, the smallest equivalence with the Creator, the degree of Nefesh.

Just as in our world a little person is born from a seed, so here one is born from spiritual seed that exists in absolutely each one of us. The fact is that when it begins to manifest itself in a person, it makes him seek books, the environment, and the teacher.

Accordingly, he comes to Kabbalah, and while under the influence of the light that he attracts by reading The Book of Zohar, he develops this seed, this embryo of the future man in himself, and rises to the first stage—Ish.

The seed is the point in the heart.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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Why Can’t We Simply Be Happy?


Comment: From the World Happiness Report 2021Scandinavian countries top ranking of the happiest nations in the world with scores ranging from mid 7’s to nearly 8 of 10, followed by Western Europe, the North and Central America, and some Asian nations.

Billions of people are living in conditions exceeding the dreams of kings 200 years ago. And they lived well.

At the same time, the rate of growth of mental disorders in these happiest countries is exponential. Depression, antidepressants, drugs, these are already common things. Suicides numbers in these countries are ten times higher than in the unhappy nations. The whole culture is saturated with a feeling of fatigue, apathy, and suffering of an individual in an oppressed world.

Question: What are people missing? It seems that there is happiness; they say they are happy. Just live your life and be happy.

Is this conclusion correct: the better off I live financially, the worse I feel internally?

Answer: The better I live financially, the more internal stress I live with.

Question: What should I do so that I can live well financially and be filled internally?

Answer: I visited the house of a man, not my student, in Amsterdam. He has access to these channels, but he comes home from work, has dinner, sits in a rocking chair, picks up a newspaper, just like 100 years ago. And there are no world problems in the newspaper, just an ordinary newspaper.

I asked a couple of questions and realized that everything was fine for him. He does not notice any disturbances in the world. They pass by him.

Nothing can be done. There are people who do not react. And you want to tell them that we need to move toward brotherhood or there will be misfortune all over the world, that we must be equivalent with nature, but he is in equivalence with nature already.

Question: So what do we want from them? In principle, they are happy people.

Answer: It is not about what we want. It is about what nature requires. We must start from there. Otherwise, they would not have been flooded.

Question: Are drugs and antidepressants requirements of nature?

Answer: Everything is a requirement of nature, and in a form not yet understood by them: where does it come from, what is being done? In general, there are a lot of problems. This is the transition period for humanity. And I hope that it will end soon.

Question: So, what is happiness?

Answer: Happiness means being in balance with general, global nature! With the still, vegetative, animate, and human beings. When you are in balance with them, then you experience a special feeling, the highest balance called happiness.

Balance with nature is when I feel myself in this huge system and I feel how I influence it and how it affects me. And we feel our interdependence. At the same time, what I feel is called happiness. Balance with nature! But nature includes a lot of additional qualities and forces that we do not yet know and will have to reveal.

Question: Which means, I am active? I cannot sit in a rocking chair, pick up a newspaper, and just pass out? Isn’t this like being dead?

Answer: It is impossible!

One neighbor will wake you up from below because there is a flood, the second neighbor from above because there is fire, and from the left and right for some other reason.

And all this is so that we can balance the entire surrounding nature with mutual relations between us, between neighbors.

Comment: I have to be active all the time. And I do not want to! I want to rock quietly in a rocking chair.

My Response: Of course. This is the tragedy of the last generation!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/29/21

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How Can We Turn The Routine Into A Fairy Tale?

592.04Question: When you begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, you perceive everything like a fairy tale, like a new life, which is indescribable. But with time, perhaps because this is how I see things through my ego, everything becomes a kind of a routine.

It becomes difficult to come to the morning lessons, although I really want to. You have probably been in these states. How can I renew them so that I will constantly have the energy for this?

Answer: When you arrived at the wisdom of Kabbalah your ego led you forward to attain the upper world, to attain the Creator, to know and to understand everything, to control your life and the whole world too. You felt like a hero, as if you had found a gold mine.

When you first joined you received new impressions from every lesson and everything was fine. But then, after a while, everything became dark for you, and you began to draw away because the upper light began to operate on you and to show you that you don’t resemble it, and that you are very far from it.

This means that it shines for you, but you feel that you are being lowered, that nothing interests you, that life is waning away, and nothing is attractive anymore. You feel like some kind of freak, and that in general everything around is totally disgusting. These are the implications of the awakening of the upper light that you have summoned by your study.

You felt this after a year. I felt it after two weeks. I remember this as if it happened today. It is a terrible state. But at the same time it is a very interesting state. When you first feel it a person doesn’t know what it is, what it is for, and why.

So what’s next? Then comes a time of very serious work on yourself. You will not be pulled or pushed forward by sweets or by light blows from behind anymore. You will have to force yourself to move forward, to learn systematically, and then the darkness will gradually fade away.

Good luck!! The main thing is meticulous daily work. He who follows the path will overcome.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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Abraham’s Rise Above Egoism

608.01“And they went forth with them from Ur of the Chaldees.” It should have written, “With Terah.” However, Terah, Lot, Abraham, and Sarah went out because they wanted primarily to come out from among the wicked. After Terah saw that Abraham his son saved him from the furnace, he returned to doing Abraham’s will, and because of it, Terah and Lot went out with them. (Lech Lecha [Go Forth] Item 17, The Book of Zohar)

Take close relatives with you means that a person takes all his properties that are closest to him, from which he grew up and found the spiritual path with him.

Therefore, Abraham’s father, Terah, and his wife Sarah (egoism in him) accompany him in his spiritual ascent. He gradually absorbs them into himself and thus rises.

All these properties exist within us, and we must understand how to work with them.
The Torah (Bible) tells about the inner transformation of man, how he rises from his animal level to the level of perfection, eternity, the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #17

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