Manifesting Spiritual Seed

622.02Out of the desire—and with the extension of the soul that he extends there—another force is drawn, from among those degrees of angels that are called “persons,” and everything enters into the extension of the semen, and the body is built of them. This is the first, lowermost force of those three degrees—the Nefesh. (Zohar for All, “Lech Lecha,” Item 97).

This is about the spiritual gradation of a person. In our world, the following gradations are accepted: newborn, child, teenager, adolescent, young man, adult, elderly, and old man.

In the spiritual world there also are also degrees of a person’s development and elevation to the level of the Creator, up to the so-called seventy spiritual years, when one reaches full equivalence with the Creator.

Ish (person) is the first degree of a person’s spiritual development, the smallest equivalence with the Creator, the degree of Nefesh.

Just as in our world a little person is born from a seed, so here one is born from spiritual seed that exists in absolutely each one of us. The fact is that when it begins to manifest itself in a person, it makes him seek books, the environment, and the teacher.

Accordingly, he comes to Kabbalah, and while under the influence of the light that he attracts by reading The Book of Zohar, he develops this seed, this embryo of the future man in himself, and rises to the first stage—Ish.

The seed is the point in the heart.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #18

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