Why Can’t We Simply Be Happy?


Comment: From the World Happiness Report 2021Scandinavian countries top ranking of the happiest nations in the world with scores ranging from mid 7’s to nearly 8 of 10, followed by Western Europe, the North and Central America, and some Asian nations.

Billions of people are living in conditions exceeding the dreams of kings 200 years ago. And they lived well.

At the same time, the rate of growth of mental disorders in these happiest countries is exponential. Depression, antidepressants, drugs, these are already common things. Suicides numbers in these countries are ten times higher than in the unhappy nations. The whole culture is saturated with a feeling of fatigue, apathy, and suffering of an individual in an oppressed world.

Question: What are people missing? It seems that there is happiness; they say they are happy. Just live your life and be happy.

Is this conclusion correct: the better off I live financially, the worse I feel internally?

Answer: The better I live financially, the more internal stress I live with.

Question: What should I do so that I can live well financially and be filled internally?

Answer: I visited the house of a man, not my student, in Amsterdam. He has access to these channels, but he comes home from work, has dinner, sits in a rocking chair, picks up a newspaper, just like 100 years ago. And there are no world problems in the newspaper, just an ordinary newspaper.

I asked a couple of questions and realized that everything was fine for him. He does not notice any disturbances in the world. They pass by him.

Nothing can be done. There are people who do not react. And you want to tell them that we need to move toward brotherhood or there will be misfortune all over the world, that we must be equivalent with nature, but he is in equivalence with nature already.

Question: So what do we want from them? In principle, they are happy people.

Answer: It is not about what we want. It is about what nature requires. We must start from there. Otherwise, they would not have been flooded.

Question: Are drugs and antidepressants requirements of nature?

Answer: Everything is a requirement of nature, and in a form not yet understood by them: where does it come from, what is being done? In general, there are a lot of problems. This is the transition period for humanity. And I hope that it will end soon.

Question: So, what is happiness?

Answer: Happiness means being in balance with general, global nature! With the still, vegetative, animate, and human beings. When you are in balance with them, then you experience a special feeling, the highest balance called happiness.

Balance with nature is when I feel myself in this huge system and I feel how I influence it and how it affects me. And we feel our interdependence. At the same time, what I feel is called happiness. Balance with nature! But nature includes a lot of additional qualities and forces that we do not yet know and will have to reveal.

Question: Which means, I am active? I cannot sit in a rocking chair, pick up a newspaper, and just pass out? Isn’t this like being dead?

Answer: It is impossible!

One neighbor will wake you up from below because there is a flood, the second neighbor from above because there is fire, and from the left and right for some other reason.

And all this is so that we can balance the entire surrounding nature with mutual relations between us, between neighbors.

Comment: I have to be active all the time. And I do not want to! I want to rock quietly in a rocking chair.

My Response: Of course. This is the tragedy of the last generation!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/29/21

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