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448.9Question: An indicator called the “happiness index” is made up of people’s subjective satisfaction with life and life expectancy. This is the so-called ecological footprint: how much physical space do we need in order to consume resources, use space for waste, etc.

If we compare this indicator with the GDP (gross domestic product) by country, then where the GDP is high, the level of people’s happiness is lowest. Why do you think it happens this way?

Answer: People are driven into a framework in which they do not feel free and happy. They are forced to do what is needed like slaves. Accordingly, the index of happiness is not very high either.

People lie to themselves and consider themselves happy. They do not understand what happiness is.

Happiness is not working 20 hours a day, like in Japan, and not hanging out in the middle of a stone jungle, like in New York. Happiness is an inner state of a person. But it is nevertheless inseparable from the connection with nature, with society.

Everything should be harmoniously interconnected. Today I do not see this in any corner of the world, except, perhaps, in very small countries.

I am flying to Switzerland soon. I know this country well, as well as central Europe in general. I don’t think the people there are that happy. But at least there is a very high balance between silence, clean air, the ability to work and feel good.

At the same time, I have lived in New York and its suburbs for quite a long time, and I do not think that this is the limit of comfort: both internal and external.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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