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The Four Languages Of Kabbalah

137There are four languages in Kabbalah that can be used to describe the effect of the light on us and our reaction to it.

The language of the Talmud is a judicial, legal language.

The language of the TANAKH (Torah, Prophets, Holy Scriptures) is a narrative, literary language, the language of the novel.

The language of Hagadot (legends) is a very capacious, interesting language, but at the same time it is very incomprehensible.

The language of Kabbalah is a clear, purely mathematical language of the Sefirot and Partzufim, in which the forces are linked with each other and affect each other. It is accompanied by graphs, drawings, etc.

In accordance with this, there are four types of souls, each of which is close to one or another language. Naturally, all souls understand them based on their spiritual root. But, in the end, as they develop, they see that all languages are included in each other. And when the souls reach their common development, then all languages are combined into one.

Each person develops in his own style. For example, especially at the beginning of my journey I was closest to the language of Kabbalah, a clear physical and mathematical language with drawings, gradations, and definitions. Scientific language was the most reliable for me.

And then comes the language of feelings, a narrative language, like in the TANAKH: Torah, Prophets, and Holy Scriptures. It is a literary language on which you overlay your impressions.

Then the judicial-legal language joins it, when you are already talking about the fact that there is a measure of mercy and judgment that governs a person like two reins.

And then comes the language of legends, the most difficult, confusing, and allegorical, with hints. But on the other hand, in these legends, each word expresses some kind of tremendous impression. And when you become involved in it, that is, you reach the spiritual level of the author, you simply become involved in the fairy tale.

This is reality, but it is so capacious, rich, and impressive, just a fairy tale!
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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Precious Flower

935The place for the revelation of the Creator in our time, in our generation called the last generation, appears only in mutual guarantee (Arvut). Mutual guarantee is our spiritual vessel. The revelation of the Creator, the entry into the upper world, our entire spiritual existence is implemented only within mutual guarantee.

There is a special force in mutual guarantee. By coming out of myself and being included in the friends, I reveal my soul. It does not exist inside me, and therefore, the upper light cannot enter and correct me. It can only help me integrate with the friends and find the Creator there. That is, my soul is in the friends.

In fact, this is obvious if you look at the spiritual structure. If I am Malchut in the spiritual vessel of the ten Sefirot, then my friends are the nine upper Sefirot. It turns out that when I incorporate with them, I receive the qualities of bestowal from them. It is in this form that I complete my spiritual vessel that was in the friends, and through mutual guarantee each of us helps the other to acquire the qualities of bestowal and be ready for the revelation of the Creator.

Therefore, without implementing mutual guarantee, we will not be able to take a single step on the spiritual path. Only by incorporating with each other, getting closer to each other, connecting and helping each other, do we attract the reforming light and invite the Creator to be revealed in us. This desire alone, to internally connect with each other, is sufficient to raise us from corporality to spirituality.

It is impossible to draw the reforming light alone; I have nowhere to draw it into. I must be incorporated in my friends and then I can draw the light inside this incorporation so that the reforming light would return it to its source. In this way, we receive the spiritual vessel and begin to enter the upper world.

The mutual guarantee is a very deep concept. All spiritual laws proceed from carrying out mutual guarantee. Everything written and said by the Kabbalists comes from what they have attained within mutual guarantee. All of reality is divided in two: outside of the mutual guarantee is corporeality and inside the mutual guarantee is spirituality.

In fact, mutual guarantee is the only thing we need because it is the only action that brings the broken vessel of Adam HaRishon back to correction. Through our yearning to return this desire to connection and unity above egoism and all the disturbances, and through the request to the Creator to help us in this, we reach correction.

We must make sure that the friends reveal the true spiritual deficiency and that the ten connects in both good and bad states. Everyone should feel that they have friends who are ready to do anything for them.

The mutual guarantee is like a flower that needs our constant care in order to grow. After all, this is the very vessel in which the Creator will be revealed, our desires that have reached the correct connection grew and are now revealed because of our common screen. The inner force that holds our desires together and directs them correctly is called mutual guarantee.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “Arvut Inside the Ten,” Lesson 2

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See The World Changing

423.02Question: You said that everything is inside me and to change something in the outside world, I need to change something within myself. What does it mean to “change within myself”? Should I change myself or my attitude toward others? After all, I am not alone here.

Answer: Yet, the desires are yours and you can change them either in relation to yourself or in relation to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and people, and all of them in relation to the Creator. That is, you choose what kind of desire you want to use and to what you want to relate.

If you want to use all your desires with the correct intention, with a good attitude to everyone, starting with the inanimate world, with ecology, with what we today call inanimate, vegetative, and animate, and then even more so, to people, then you are changing the world.

According to your desires, you begin to pay attention to general nature. You feel in it its great force, the Creator, and ask Him to begin to change His attitude to the world at your request, at your will. In this way, you can observe how the world really changes.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/21

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Elon Musk’s Brain Chip

273.01In the News (Reuters): Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup released footage on Friday appearing to show a monkey playing a simple videogame after getting implants of the new technology.

“The 3-minute video by Neuralink shows Pager, a male macaque with chips embedded on each side of its brain, playing ‘Mind Pong’. Although he was trained to move a joystick, it is now unplugged. He controls the paddle simply by thinking about moving his hand up or down.

“‘First @Neuralink product will enable someone with paralysis to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using thumbs,’ Musk tweeted on Thursday.

“‘Later versions will be able to shunt signals from Neuralinks in brain to Neuralinks in body motor/sensory neuron clusters, thus enabling, for example, paraplegics to walk again. The device is implanted flush with skull & charges wirelessly, so you look & feel totally normal.'”

People have already learned to perform all kinds of organ transplants. And now, suddenly, we are getting into the thought. Maybe after all, it will be possible to somehow infiltrate, get closer to the “I” of a person in order to stop wars and hatred?

My Response: No. That is not going to happen.

Comment: Well, look at how much suffering there is in the world.

My Response: That is how it should be. Suffering corrects.

Question: So, it will not be possible to go beyond such physical changes?

Answer: No. Only if the person decides that he should correct himself.

Question: Where does this decision come from? Can it be somehow implanted in a person?

Answer: From basic common sense, when one looks at himself and says, “I am made of a desire that is purely a desire to enjoy, and I have to decide whether I can realize it or whether I need some kind of counteraction to it.”

Question: But why?

Answer: He is one person. But there is another person and a third and a fourth, and so on, who do not want things the way this first one does.

Question: So in order to enjoy something, he must subjugate them?

Answer: Of course.

Question: And they do not want to be subjugated! How can he enjoy then?

Answer: He cannot. It means he has to destroy them.

Question: You outlined this sequence just now. Then the person comes to realize that others do not want to go along with what he wants, so now he needs to use weapons, machine guns, right?

Answer: Whatever he has at his disposal.

Comment: Exactly. Just what people are hoarding more and more nowadays.

My Response: Yes.

Question: At what point will he hit a dead end and say: “I cannot go on like this!”?

Answer: When suffering teaches him that the suffering is greater than the pleasure.

Question: At what point does this happen?

Answer: Let’s say his children come to him and say: “We want you to do things differently, otherwise we want nothing to do with you.”

This poses a problem. We need to transition this to another plane where he realizes that he cannot continue to live in his intentions, actions, in enjoying only for his own sake, that he is really losing in this.

Question: So, you are saying that it is when those who are closest to him, his children, will tell him: “This makes us feel very bad,” right?

Answer: When he will feel that he is really losing, and more than from any egoistic gain.

Question: That is, he gains something egoistically, and at that very moment he loses much more than he gains, right? His children, loved ones, relatives, and so on. Everyone turns away from him.

Answer: Yes.

Question: This is a good example. But how can a person feel in this way? He hurts mostly strangers.

Answer: If his children tell him: “If you hurt someone, then know that in this measure we will reject you, turn away from you. You will be left all alone, and no one will want anything to do with you.”

Comment: So at some point, a person who lives egoistically suddenly realizes that every egoistic action he makes yields an even greater loss. Something very close and dear to him will be lost to him more and more and more. Life passes by.

My Response: Yes. We need to get to something that is very dear to him in life.

Comment: That every drop of his egoistic pleasure for himself kills someone very dear to him.

My response: Yes.

Question: What conclusion can we draw from this?

Answer: The conclusion is very simple. We need to educate the younger generation and they will force their fathers and parents to change. There is no other way.

Comment: So, these young people, children and grandchildren, will come to their parents and say: “The way you live, you are killing us. We will not be there for you.”

My Response: Yes. If you want to create a world for us to live in, then we feel that you are destroying this world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/22/21

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“Is There Any Connection Between Kabbalah And Astrology?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is there any connection between Kabbalah and astrology?

The wisdom of Kabbalah has been connected to several teachings over the course of history, but authentic Kabbalah has no connection to other teachings.

There is no astrology in Kabbalah, no divination by stars, nor any connection between Kabbalah and red strings, holy water, Tarot, mysticism or Kabbalistic meditations, even though if you look up such connections, you will find a lot written about them.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method for attaining no more and no less than the purpose of life while we are alive in this world: attainment of the Creator, the higher force in reality. We develop ourselves through this method in order to attain spiritual qualities and a spiritual perception that has no connection to this world’s qualities. As such, Kabbalah has no connection to stars or anything else around the person, but only to that which is inside the person.

Based on “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on March 3, 2019.
Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

New Life 1308 – Concession, The Means For Better Communication In A Couple

New Life 1308 – Concession, The Means For Better Communication In A Couple
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The internal psychology of a man and a woman is totally different and this is the reason for all of our communication problems. Successful communication depends on one’s ability to work above the ego and make concessions. Making concessions unconditionally means investing all of one’s powers in serving one’s partner.

We love when each one tries to feel, live in, and fulfill the desire of the partner. We show the other we are trying even though it’s hard, that we are willing to make the effort anyway. It is a kind of a game that becomes real as you get used to it. A person who develops the attribute of making concessions discovers the force that connects and ties all parts of creation as one.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1308 – Concession, The Means For Better Communication In A Couple,” 5/30/21

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The Inner Map Of The Soul

747.04Question: The Land of Israel corresponds to a desire on the inanimate level and there is also a desire on the human level. Should one clearly overlap with the other?

Answer: Ideally, yes. And so it will be in the future. Intention overlaps desire, forms it, and the desire thus becomes equivalent to a certain part of the earth. This generates a need in a person to change his place of residence or some other change.

Question: When a person is engaged in spiritual development, does he discover this map of Israel with all the places within himself? Is this how it happens?

Answer: It depends on the type of soul and it is not felt by every person. But in general, people will feel where they belong in the universe, where their spiritual root is.

Question: In our world, there are people who have knowledge more or less, and there are people who know nothing at all. Is it the same in spirituality?

Answer: Yes, the time will come when we will begin to feel it and find that we must act according to spiritual characteristics.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/21

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When The “I” Is Replaced By “We”

423.02Comment: The books of Kabbalah are written very cleverly; many times they use the concept “I and the Creator.”

My Response: The concept “I and the Creator” refers to the influence a person has on his connection with other people and through them to the Creator.

This is a collective “I.” By nature, a person is an absolute egoist; “egoism” is an absolutely negative force. If a person influences the Creator individually, it will only be due to egoism.

But if a person begins to influence the Creator not from the “I” but from the “we,” this is already a positive force. In this situation, we will certainly get positive characteristics and actions from Him.

Question: Who are “we” according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if the whole world and all people are fragments of the feelings within my “I”?

Answer: If a person will unite all of these fragments within himself, this will be “we.”

Question: In my understanding, when the “I” turns to the Creator, this is the monologue of an imprisoned prisoner. But when “we” turn to the Creator, this is already a dialogue of the soul with the Creator. Under what conditions does the “I” become “we”?

Answer: It is on condition that you nullify yourself before others.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/17/19

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What Should We Be?

933Question: Baal HaSulam writes in the newspaper The Nation, published in 1940, that we, people, are always in a state of development just like the planet Earth, which went through the constant struggle between two forces—positive and negative.

What should we come to? To what perfection? As far as I understand, the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature is already in perfection, and the human has not yet reached it.

Answer: Yes, the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature by itself is perfect. However, due to the fact that the human is not perfect, he affects it and radiates his bad properties. Therefore, all nature suffers.

That is why he must come to a state when he needs to become Man. “Man” is “Adam” in Hebrew. Adam, from the word “similar,” “Edomeh” leElyon—similar to the Creator. This is what we should be, that is, be in bestowal and love between us. Then, naturally, having become different, we will feel the world in which we live as a different world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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