To Perceive The World As It Is

214Question: Can we say that collective consciousness is a qualitatively new level and Kabbalah is engaged in teaching people to reach a new level of perception of reality?

Answer: No, I would not say that, because in this case the consciousness should be completely the opposite of the earthly one.

If we all receive everything within ourselves and in our primordial natural properties feel this reflection, as, for example, on a photographic film, then the Kabbalistic perception is completely different.

It remains by itself, and the person who cancels his egoism and can enter into the perception of reality without disturbing it, feels it as it is. That is, not in the egoistic properties, but precisely in the degree of similarity of its properties to all possible properties and actions that occur outside of it.

Kabbalah comprehends the world that does not pass through our senses. A person, developing himself, makes special efforts on himself in order to begin to feel the Kabbalistic world, to be able to enter a state where he is absolutely not an egoist and perceives everything not in himself, but outside of himself. In practice, he is removed from any interaction with the outside world.

Does the world around you exist by itself? Exists. I perceive it in myself, which means that I perceive it egoistically. We build our sciences on the basis of what we perceive, either by ourselves or with the help of devices we invent.

And Kabbalah says: “No, let us perceive the world as it is.” First of all, we need to reach a state when we, annul ourselves, begin to feel as if we do not exist, and, consequently, begin to feel the true world around us. And as we annul ourselves step by step, we begin to feel everything that happens in that world. This is the whole science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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