Implanting A Chip And Waking Up

202.0Question: People in Sweden have begun to take great interest in Biohacking lately. Biohacking is implanting a chip the size of grain of rice under the skin upon which all of a person’s data is recorded: his credit card number, passport number, and other personal information and documents. The Scandinavians claim that it is much simpler to live this way.

Where does such a growing trend lead us?

Answer: I think that this will bring people to determine and to discern the great emptiness inside them, and they will be forced to do something about it. Chips will no longer help them, and they will have to look for a source that will fill them.

A person will face the eternal question of “Where am I? What am I living for? What is all this for? All the chips, all the computer and telephone screens, what has all this brought me to? I have everything, and in fact I can see the whole world on a small or large screen, and can communicate with everyone, but what’s next? And what is all this for? Here I am, sitting in front of a blank screen, not knowing how to connect with myself and with others.”

This is a good thing. It will lead us to look for the right and true answer to the question: “What is all this for?”

Question: Does a person who asks himself this question reach an answer?

Answer: He should reach an answer. Not immediately, he suffers along the way and searches, but this is the right way. He will look for an answer about himself! “Where am I? Where is my place in this world?” It is about an amazing search and about growing wise!

Question: Where is one’s happiness here?

Answer: Happiness is in finding an answer. A person will suddenly discover that there is such a force, such a thought, that is waiting for this question and that is ready to answer it. This is an encounter, an encounter with his spirit.

Question: Will a person understand that it is actually this spirit that has led him to this encounter?

Answer: Yes. Then a person will see and understand everything. It will be like the revelation of the world, from the beginning of its creation to the end, and all of it together! Everything will be clear.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/18

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