Exposing The Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanDo Away With Covers

We are going through a necessary stage of human development that is helping to expose everyone’s true “I.” In the future, we will have to rebuild the old false system of relationships. Generally accepted conventions and courtesy were nice, but misleading.

Today nature requires us to be sincere and match its mechanism, which is mutual cohesion that is true, straightforward, and heartfelt.

Therefore, we can no longer cover our relationships with false politeness. On the contrary, pretense disappears and no one wants to listen to lies that are dressed in fancy clothes. We’ll have to tear off all the covers and talk directly from the heart, as it should be in a single social mechanism.

From Heart to Heart

In this context, modern means of communication such as computer screens of various sizes and resolution are, in fact, preparing us for the next stage. They bring people together and expose everyone. No matter how much I am hiding behind my display, everything about me is known and I am uncovered and known.

There is nowhere to hide and everything can viewed: my bank, my family, my job, my connections, my friends, my conversations and their statistics, my preferences, the size of my clothes and shoes, my tastes, and my leisure time activities.

Everything is known about everyone, a person is naked and others see what he himself does not know about himself. His data is studied by psychologists, sociologists, analysts, and professionals who understand the laws of human society and human psychology.

All of this will lead us to a state where we will want to become naked, that is, to unite into one without hiding anything, where everyone will be integrated with everyone else, where there are no curtains and screens between us, including the liquid crystal display of a monitor, and we all will feel everyone with our hearts. We are all one heart.

Only such unity will absolutely correspond to nature that is still giving us these screens, wanting us to keep in touch through them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/20/15

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