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Jews Cannot Be Annihilated

962.3Question: The Israeli Prime Minister and the Defense Minister met with foreign diplomats in Israel. They very logically, accurately, and visibly proved that Palestinian rocket launchers are stored in residential areas, in kindergartens, inside houses and hospitals, and that under residential areas of Gaza there is a huge underground city where militants are hiding behind residents and that our airstrikes are precisely targeted.

If there are threats to civilians, they are immediately notified to leave the area and are given time to evacuate. Evidence was presented that one quarter of the Palestinian rockets fell on their own territory, but that they do not care. They bombed Lod and hit the city of Tyre in the north of the country, which are populated by Arabs.

It was clearly proven that there is no army as humane as ours.

Do you think that we will always have to justify ourselves to the world—how good we are?

Answer: I do not think we need to do it because we will not be able to justify ourselves and because we are not so good. In fact, we are still the ones to blame. We will always be guilty, and we will always be the ones held liable.

As long as egoism exists in the world that causes rejection, hatred, and separation from each other, we will be guilty because we are the source of it.

And there is no getting away from it. Thus, everyone will be increasingly fixated on us, will accuse us, and will act around us and against us. We used to believe that as we develop, people would get smarter year after year and understand that it is not us.

But nothing could be further from the truth! Look at the Holocaust! We thought that when the truth of the Holocaust was out in the open people would see what it was and would change their attitude toward this long-suffering nation.

But no! We see what humanity is saying: “You have suffered? Suffer a thousand times more! Because we are all suffering because of you.” Humanity has this feeling that they are suffering because of us, that we are the source of suffering.

Question: Then I have this question: should we respond when we are attacked, and how should we respond?

Answer: We must defend ourselves in order to exist. It says in the Torah: “He who comes to kill you, kill him first.” But you must do so with the awareness that you must correct this state of being attacked. You must investigate the reason why others hate you and eradicate this hatred.

Question: So in any case, the first thing is to fight back, right?

Answer: Otherwise, who will justify, correct the world, and so on? Yes.

But Jews cannot really be annihilated. After all, they are the ones who have to bring the world to correction. This is our problem.

Question: What has to happen for everyone to feel that this is our land, that we are defending our land?

Answer: The nations of the world will not only feel this, but they will lead us to this country, they will open all the borders for us and say: “Come in and live here! Reign in glory, we will glorify you.”

Question: When will this happen?

Answer: When we all come together and when out of our correct, kind connection, we influence the whole of nature so that all of nature comes to unity, to a good relationship with each other so that all nations will suddenly look at each other with love. It can be a startling change if only the Jewish people would act this way among themselves.

Comment: Didn’t your teacher Rabash worry about the soldiers as if they were his own children? I remember you said that even while praying, he would listen to the news. He was asked, “How can you listen to the news during a prayer?” He said: “My children are there.”

Baal HaSulam recognized this country and even met with the head of state Ben-Gurion. He wanted this country to exist. You came here and served and worked in the army. And in general, everyone knows that you are not a left-leaning person.

My Response: I am neither left nor right. I do not stick to the left or the right wing’s ideology.

Question: You have a Kabbalistic view that this country should become just that, and that is what it was created for. And for this purpose Jews were gathered here?

Answer: Yes, to turn it into the spiritual center of the world.

Question: And then, at that moment, we will be able to say that this land is ours, right?

Answer: Only then.

Question: How do you feel about the fact that they make fake news from your videos, from what you say? They cut the first part out, a little here, a little there, and the part that remains makes it look like you are against Israel, that you support BDS and the extreme left. That is, they cut out what you say about what Israel should become, about love of others and how to implement it. And then they begin to flag it.

How do you feel about this?

Answer: I am not even angry at them; it is their livelihood. They live off this, get paid for it. Hamas collects money, passes it to such scribblers, and they work.

Question: And immediately people look at you in a certain way and say: “Wow, look at what he said! He says this is an apartheid country!” And so on. But it was a cunning editing job. How do you feel about this?

Answer: Positively. Because truth cannot be spread in this world. But lies spread very quickly! So, thanks to a lie, the truth will gradually come out through this lie. “Truth will grow from the earth.” So, I am happy.

Question: Really? It doesn’t bother you?

Answer: On the contrary, I am glad that I am being turned upside down, and in general, cut into pieces. Why not?

A person in our world has reached such a state of egoistic development that he cannot accept the truth. Here, try taking a truth pill, your body will reject it.

But if you take one gram of truth with 20 grams of lies and swallow those 20 grams of lies, you will be satisfied with these 20 grams of lies! And one gram of truth will be absorbed through it.

And that is what these people do. So I am grateful to them for taking my words this way and cutting them up.

Question: So you believe that in the lies they spread, there is still this gram of truth that penetrates it?

Answer: Yes. Although it is completely invisible. Quite the opposite.

Question: Then I have another question. What would you say now in this difficult time to the citizens of our country?

Answer: I have nothing to say. I have absolutely nothing to say except one thing. You nevertheless have to take an interest in who we are, what we are, and why we exist, for whose sake.

Question: The people of Israel?

Answer: Not just Israel. Today, it already is the entire world.

If you start to take an interest in this, I talk about it and write about it in all my books. You will find that we have a grand and wonderful mission, which from day to day becomes more and more singular in the world.

Everything else is becoming irrelevant, everything else becomes null and void. And only we remain with our idea that we must implement. And everything that relates to implementing this idea—love your neighbor as yourself, the connection of everyone—all of this remains and becomes more and more clearly manifested in our world as a necessity.

Question: Do you consider yourself to be a Zionist? And if yes, how do you define this concept?

Answer: Well, I cannot use these definitions because they are used in a completely different way than how I see them.

The aspiration to Zion, of course, was everyone’s aspiration. I remember my grandfather and his trepidation when he spoke about it. This was in the 1950s. Of course, it was very sacred to him.

Question: And he passed that on to you, right?

Answer: I remember that, yes. When I first went up to Jerusalem, I was very, very anxious—I was doing something that my grandfather never could.

Comment: That is, he conveyed this feeling and aspiration through you.

My response: Yes. I felt connected to my ancestors. But then it went away. Then I developed a very different connection with the land of Israel, with Zion, only for the sake of a higher idea.

Real Zionism is connection with the upper force that passes through the spiritual land of Israel! Earth, “Eretz” comes from the word “Ratzon,” a desire, aimed at love and bestowal.

Question: And in this sense you are a Zionist?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And so were Baal HaSulam and your teacher Rabash, right?

Answer: All the Kabbalists.

Question: What is the land of Israel to you, to you personally?

Answer: It is a place that no one really wants, in reality. It was not needed. That is why it was abandoned for centuries. When the Jews came, it became needed by all.

This is a place that I hope will be completely forgotten and everyone will look only up toward heaven. That is where one should look for the desire for love and bestowal, for connection! That is the land of Israel. Up there.

Question: Is it not the physical land of Israel?

Answer: There is nothing physical. Not in these rocks, not in this sand, not in anything here! Everything is only inside, inside the people who appreciate and strive for this ideal of love, connection, and ascent to the Creator, to the quality of love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/20/21

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Low Level Of Happiness

448.9Question: An indicator called the “happiness index” is made up of people’s subjective satisfaction with life and life expectancy. This is the so-called ecological footprint: how much physical space do we need in order to consume resources, use space for waste, etc.

If we compare this indicator with the GDP (gross domestic product) by country, then where the GDP is high, the level of people’s happiness is lowest. Why do you think it happens this way?

Answer: People are driven into a framework in which they do not feel free and happy. They are forced to do what is needed like slaves. Accordingly, the index of happiness is not very high either.

People lie to themselves and consider themselves happy. They do not understand what happiness is.

Happiness is not working 20 hours a day, like in Japan, and not hanging out in the middle of a stone jungle, like in New York. Happiness is an inner state of a person. But it is nevertheless inseparable from the connection with nature, with society.

Everything should be harmoniously interconnected. Today I do not see this in any corner of the world, except, perhaps, in very small countries.

I am flying to Switzerland soon. I know this country well, as well as central Europe in general. I don’t think the people there are that happy. But at least there is a very high balance between silence, clean air, the ability to work and feel good.

At the same time, I have lived in New York and its suburbs for quite a long time, and I do not think that this is the limit of comfort: both internal and external.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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Is Israel Facing A Military Coup?

293Question: We have already been through four elections in Israel. Do you think there can be a government with different parties from different directions? They are already voicing slogans: “From Me to We.” That is, they will sort of try to annul themselves in order to come to a common decision. How will the system still work?

Answer: It will not work. There is no foundation for the system to work. In general, there is no foundation for Jews to get together and manage something together amicably. There is great egoism and a complete misunderstanding of the fact that egoism must somehow be controlled, suppressed, and not always rise above each other.

Everything will be as it was before, only the government will change with even greater frequency. People will no longer pay attention to who is there and who is not. You will wake up in the morning and find out: “Oh, we have a new government!”

Question: Will even this thought: “What if something changes? Maybe something will change after all?” disappear?

Answer: I do not know. We will reach a state when there will be military coups again, generals will seize power with the help of troops. And on our borders, our dear neighbors will wait anticipating victory.

Comment: Then build a perfect picture of how it should work.

My Response: The recognition of evil exists somewhere in the people: We cannot be together, we are like this. We are the most egoistic ones, the most so and so. On the one hand. But on the other hand, they do not want to admit it. Many, the masses, are ready to turn a blind eye to this.

Of course, there is also religion, which helps to suppress these thoughts, it talks about the chosen people, and so on. I do not know. I personally do not have any prescriptions for the future. You know my prescription, but no “pharmacy” will accept it. They cannot even read it!

Comment: That is, you only have one prescription—unity of the people.

My Response: The gradual education of the people toward unity, as a necessary, the only necessary, condition!

Question: Then what kind of government should there be, that they would agree to and bet only on it?

Answer: Only Kabbalists. The ones who would gather people and identify among these people the ones that are essential, necessary, able to take part in governing the country and the society.

Question: What about governing the country: is the entire foundation still only the unity of the people? Are all the laws made only on this basis, and all of life only on this basis?

Answer: Absolutely! I am building you a perfect picture! You think it cannot be real. Is it perfect? Yes, it is perfect. However, in these conditions and with these people, and in the state in which society is today, this cannot happen yet.

Question: What will we come to?

Answer: To the fact that there will be a big massacre. Has that not happened in our history? Such fratricidal wars that we do not need enemies, we will kill each other ourselves.

Comment: It mainly happened in the time of the Temples.

My Response: It does not matter. We can come to this. I do not believe in a good near future. As much as I can see how things are unfolding. I do not know.

We are nevertheless trying to do everything we can and to explain everything. But speaking seriously, soberly, people laugh at what we say. And this laughter causes great disappointment, fear, and sorrow. Because this is how people laugh when they really feel bad. This is how the gladiators used to shout: “Those who are about to die salute you.”

Question: What do you expect when you say all this? Let’s say it goes on the air.

Answer: It has to go on the air.

Question: To make them flinch? Is that what you expect?

Answer: I do not know. Let them curse me, let them do what they want. It does not matter to me at all.

They should just know that this is the opinion of a Kabbalist. I just want them to understand. Or if they do not understand, I want it to remain somewhere within them, and in some future, they might remember it. So that it would stop them somehow, alert them, and so on.

I want to help.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/7/21

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Cities: Growing In Height Or Width?

720Question: Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in cities. This number keeps growing. Why do you think people are driven to be in urban settings? This has been the trend throughout history.

Answer: On one hand, the drive to move to cities is linked to the service industry. On the other hand, people are attracted by convenience, everything that is offered as utilities and everything else.

But we observe the opposite trend now too: people are leaving the city, getting their own land, private property, tending to gardens, working with the land, and growing plants.

We may be at the peak of urban migration, but I think this is a temporary trend that will not prevail for long. If we can offer a person all kinds of services at a distance from the city, he will gladly agree to it because of the clean air, tranquility, and other advantages.

The trend of leaving the cities has already begun. After the first wave of the pandemic, many people do not want to return to work, they want to work from home. Children don’t really want to go to school.

There are many advantages to living a little in isolation from others but at the same time being provided with everything a big city can offer. It depends on transportation, communications, and road infrastructure.

Question: Do you think that the pandemic has brought about this attitude toward big cities?

Answer: People simply realized that they can receive services without being trapped in the “cage” of a high-rise building. They can safely live “on the ground” at even a small distance of ten meters from others. I think that Earth will be populated in breadth, not height.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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The Only Weapon Is Prayer

232.1Our only weapon is prayer. Only the appeal to the Creator can help us—nothing
else works. Is there another force in the world that determines anything? And do you really know what to add from yourself to the Creator’s help?

Therefore, the only thing that exists is the appeal to the Creator in the purest form when I ask for nothing but to receive the power of bestowal. This is my only condition. And if I add something to this condition, then it is as if I am deciding something myself, and this is not good. It is wrong. After all, I do not know what is there in this unknown property of bestowal.

Therefore, there is nothing but turning to the Creator and asking only for the force of bestowal and only from within the Ten. This is called “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Israel is the person within the ten. The Torah is his desire to receive the power of bestowal that the Creator can give. And we want all three components to come together.

When they really unite, it means that we have reached the end of correction, that is, all our desires have united with the source, with the forces of the Creator, into one whole.

And here we must come to despair because I think in my egoism that I control everything and that I will do everything myself. But in essence, I must come to the opposite state when only the Creator determines everything, and I have to bow down to Him.

The creator is very jealous. He cannot bear that you turn to some other force—as if in reality there is something else beside Him. He is jealous not even of the fact that you are turning to another force but because you think that there is someone else to whom you can turn to beside Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Every day will be like new in your eyes”,

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Who Are Real Friends?

939.01Question: “The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.” (

What is International Friendship Day for you?

Answer: For me, everyday is like this. I meet with my students. Our regular congress ended the other day. Four to five thousand people were in a real time connection via the Internet. We saw each other, we listened, we talked, and we felt each other. These are friends.

Friends are people who are close to you in terms of purpose, perception of the world, and life, its inner harmony and external discord.

Question: They don’t need to be reminded of anything?

Answer: No. We all experience this every day. A friend is someone who understands how you feel, and in some ways is in solidarity with you, in other ways, maybe not. But he understands you, you understand him. And together you are constantly looking for some common moments of rapprochement.

Question: Even if these are simple moments of rapprochement, in every day life? Would you call that a friend, too?

Answer: I think so, as well. Because in the end, all of our high matter is also there to make it all a corporeal rapprochement. We don’t need anything else, it should be very simple: rise above our conventionality, above all that man, nations, people, and states live by. Rise above this into mutual bestowal, mutual love, mutual support and you will gain a sense of upper force.

I think that there should still be a mutual sense of inner connection. This is the first thing.

And second, we must understand how we need to help each other and participate together in creating a common spiritual space, a spiritual grid on which we exist. It can be based simultaneously on the desire to help physically and materially, but, in general, it is a spiritual network.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/7/21

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The Hidden Force Of Nature

746.01How can we practically build a common intention if our desires are completely different? If we want to bestow to each other and discover that we cannot do it without the help of the Creator, then everyone draws the Creator to himself so that He would help his friends.

Thus, instead of the egoistic field, we form a spiritual field of bestowal in which we use the qualities of the Creator. This means that the Creator is revealed between us.

We want to reveal the force of the Creator between us, the force of mutual bestowal hidden in nature. There are many forces in the universe that are hidden from us, many stars, planets, and creatures that we are not able to see. So far, all our instruments, telescopes, and radars are not able to identify all this.

But there is a force that fills the entire universe. Scientists call it dark matter. We feel that there are waves that we cannot recognize. Without a doubt, there is a force that permeates the entire universe from one edge to the other (if you can say that the universe has an edge at all). These forces are present in any place because if they were not, the universe would have crumbled long ago.

The forces of interaction between all parts of the universe exist and operate above all our material limitations. Some of these forces are hidden; that is, we can reveal them only if we acquire the intention to bestow. Then we will no longer be limited by matter and corporeal reality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes” 

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Explore Nature’s Program

112Question: Does the Torah always talk about what is happening inside a person?

Answer: In man’s awareness of the world and his only highest common goal, the Creator.

Question: Can a person trace these changes of states in himself?

Answer: Logically, you can build this simple chain in yourself and try to implement it. This is what we all have to do: those who consider themselves to be descendants of Jews and those who consider themselves to be descendants of non-Jews is irrelevant.

Everyone must walk this path, as it is said: “And everyone will know Me, young and old.”

Question: After the growing egoism brought the group of Abraham to Egypt, a new leader appeared, Moses, who pulled the people out of slavery. And so they gradually moved toward the land of Israel.

Should there always be a thought in a person that he should enter this land? At what point does it arise?

Answer: In our time, this whole system must be taught to everyone because we live in a period when it depends on each of us whether we implement the program of nature in a good way; otherwise, it will constantly descend on us with evil forces, blows. And we, humanity, begin to feel this more and more on ourselves.

Therefore, we must necessarily disseminate this teaching, the only one that tells the world about the system in which it is located, about the path of its development. We must know this.

Each time we will see increasingly how this system works on us and realizes itself. And we must help it to the best of our ability. Then we will start to develop quickly, in a good way, realizing everything and avoiding any problems.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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Two Faces Of Egoism

543.02Zohar for All, VaYetze, items 23-24: The female of SAM is called “a serpent,” “a woman of harlotry,” “the end of all flesh,” and “the end of days.”

She clings to the Ruach of the male and adorns herself with many ornaments like a loathsome whore who stands at the beginnings of roads and ways to seduce people.

This teaches that she needs only those who begin to walk on the path of God, who might fall into her trap.

This is about our egoism, about our desire, which snags for itself temporary small pleasures and sees them as a goal. That is, we must give our body the normal physiological fillings in order for it to exist.

We do give them to it in the measure necessary for it. Just as, for example, you must first feed a horse and then use it. It is the same here, you must give the body some filling so that it can then work and exist normally physically. Then it is not considered something bad because it is necessary. Therefore, Kabbalah says that a person should first think about this, as it is written, “If there is no bread, there is no Torah.”

If you treat your egoism, not like an engine that should drive you forward, and you sit on it like a rider and control it, but like a donkey that controls you, then it is bad.

Then this egoism becomes like a whore, who is just waiting to snatch more from this world, and maybe even from the spiritual world. She tries to use all the aspirations, all the desires, all the thoughts of a person in order to live life in such a way that one receives fulfillment and immediately feels empty again.

We know that nothing is eternal, everything is always fleeting, and in the end, it brings only emptiness. Therefore, the sources say that there is a faithful wife, a faithful comrade-in-arms, with whom you go forward; that is, you are correctly working with egoism when it helps you, is faithful to you on the path in reaching the goal.

And there is a harlot who just wants to profit from you, snatch for herself, she does not care at all who you are, what you are, what goals you have, she is not walking together with you toward the goal. She is with you in order to snatch, drink away, sell, gamble away, and come back to someone else again, that is, to your next desire.

Naturally, a person consists of all desires, all intentions, and all possibilities. Therefore, he must guard himself so that this “harlot,” that is, his attitude to life does not cross the boundaries of the necessary things and does not lead him to be engaged in absolutely alien, temporary goals, fulfillments, and to burn out his life in this way.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #15

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