What Is Correct The MAN (Prayer) Based On?

942Question: What is the correct MAN (prayer) based on? How can we feel its foundations?

Answer: It is very simple, MAN cannot be for yourself. It can be for a friend, and even better for the whole group. Instead of my desire, I take your desire and begin to ask for you, that’s all.

It is a good thing if the whole group does that. It says that a person cannot free himself from prison, but that only his friends can free him. It is the same for each and every one of us, as each of us takes everyone else out of prison. We can be free of the egoistic prison only if the friends pray for us.

To pray means to ask the Creator to correct my friend, and each and every one should do so. If I ask for nine friends in the ten, I will necessarily be the tenth. I don’t need to ask for myself, because the nine Sefirot determine everything and Malchut is derived from them.

Therefore, everything that is given to a person is not given in order for him to ask, but so that he does not ask for it. This is called “rising above oneself”, restricting oneself (tzimtzum). Instead, I must accept the first nine Sefirot, that is, all the desires of my companions. If I reconstruct myself in this way, I create a block out of myself that can turn to the Creator. It is called a Partzuf.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/6/19

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