The Extremes Of Tolerance

273.02Comment: Sometimes tolerance and political correctness in the field of discrimination reach the point of insanity. For example, the creators of the American animated series The Simpsons said that they would ban white artists from voicing non-white characters.

A Sydney radio station has accused chess of being racist because white goes first. In Hollywood, the rules are changing in favor of racial diversity. And there is no end to it.

My Response: The point is that no one is working on the root of the problem. So, let’s say that the Hollywood film industry uses various external mechanical changes where the same number of African-Americans and Europeans, or women and men, would be involved in the filming. All this is purely external for them not to be faulted. And what happens internally is not important to them. And so, in the end, the world does not change.

Question: Who should determine this? The state, people?

Answer: I think that this should be determined by people, and the state should listen to them, should rely on the opinion of society, and gradually introduce state laws.

Comment: By the way, sometimes there is a point of view that only people belonging to the same group should be involved in teaching certain ethnic groups.

My Response: Maybe. I think it still matters in our time. And in the future, everything will change. We will be completely indifferent to who is teaching. So much so that we will not notice any skin color or face.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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