Developing Constructive Envy

559Question: How do we develop constructive envy of our friends?

Answer: This is very difficult even in ordinary life, let alone in a Kabbalistic group. Envy must motivate a person, excite him, entice him to perform some actions.

Question: Sometimes it happens naturally. How can we make it happen consciously?

Answer: Apart from the right environment, the group, the right surroundings, I do not see any other means to arouse envy in a person, either good or bad. It depends on the company one is in.

Question: What should be a part of this environment? What mechanisms work there?

Answer: Looking at how others strive to advance, how they enjoy it, how they show me good, positive examples toward the goal, good envy is aroused in me, the force of advancement appears and I move forward.

Comment: What if I don’t see it?

Answer: It all depends on how they show it to you.

Question: So, we may need to artificially create such relationships to demonstrate the importance of the goal. And even if it is not actually there, will I still be automatically jealous because I don’t know if they’re acting or not?

Answer: There is an ancient parable of a rich man hiring people to act around his son in such a way as to arouse in him the desire for knowledge, a profession, for advancement. It is possible.

After all, to be a good musician or anyone else, I need some kind of an example. If such examples exist before me, then everything pays off later. It’s worth investing into.

Question: If I don’t feel envious of other people, what does that mean?

Answer: You won’t be able to advance. If you were born in a village and tend to cows, then you will remain at this level. You surely need something to move you!

Question: That is, the group must constantly show me some benefit of revealing the Creator?

Answer: Yes. But there are individuals who naturally have this inclination, and they strive for it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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