Sprouts Of Spiritual Desires

137The Book of Zohar, Chapter Bo (Come Unto Pharaoh), Item 68: And all the herbs grow around that still Nile on either side.

We are talking about the vegetative level, about what grows out from the ground. Slowly, plant sprouts appear, that is, there is a need for something, in particular for growth.

Although the silent river does not seem to give anything, the spiritual, altruistic desires of man begin to develop around it.

Bina is the future world. And so gradually, underneath, it implicitly develops in us sprouts of our future spiritual desires, which grow around it and rise up.

Then, that monster climbs unto the herbs and grows among them, and then returns to all these Niles. The herbs are the light that grew out of the dark.

Thus, the quality of water (Bina) gradually develops in us.

Water is, in principle, an inanimate substance but it practically gives life. Thanks to it, plants develop from the earth because the property of mercy combined with egoism—the property of the earth—gives the earth (egoistic quality) that life-giving power when new properties begin to grow out of it in man. Therefore, our egoism alone is not enough. We need to acquire the property of Bina, the property of the upper world.

This is basically what The Book of Zohar does, because when we begin to study it, we attract the quality of mercy.

And all four rivers that descend from the Garden of Eden to our sinful earth, to my sinful qualities, begin to change me. New spiritual properties in which wisdom gradually increases grow out of me, and I begin to develop to the point that I will eventually reach the Garden of Eden, the future world, and I begin to exist in it.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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