How Can We Verify The Influence Of The Book Of Zohar?

Laitman_137Question: How can we verify that reading The Book of Zohar restores my spiritual connection with the force of the upper governance?

Answer: You can feel it based on the changes in your qualities and attitudes toward others. During all this, you go through a multitude of confused states. You experience a change in various conceptual notions, attitude toward scrutiny, toward revelation, toward understanding, analysis, and synthesis.

I remember going through it myself and I see it in my students: how people become unfocused, they do not have clear perception, understanding, internalization, and hearing. These states signify changes that occur in a person. Kabbalists are aware of these changes and welcome them.

However, a person gradually starts to control such states, he rejoices in them because they signify changes in his level of awareness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/4/17

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