Why Did We Come To The Land Of Israel?

961.2Question: What is your opinion on the truce and ceasefire between Israel and Palestine? How did you take it?

Answer: I take it in a very straight-forward way, my opinion does not change. Since the Jewish people came to this country, they must know why they are here. They did not just run away from earthly problems, they came here to demonstrate their goal and their spiritual purpose to themselves and to all the nations of the world.

If they do not do that, then of course they cannot live on this land. Other nations can more or less exist here somehow but not them.

Therefore, I am not very happy that we took over this land and that we are behaving in this way here. Year by year, we are becoming more and more egoistic, we are not setting an example to other nations of how we should live even within our own people. There are huge contradictions between us, all sorts of egoistic relations that do not exist among other nations. Thus, we are not in the Land of Israel but in exile from our spiritual properties of connection and love.

Therefore, I do not see any special circumstance in the fact that after the war, which gave us a little shake, the so-called truce came. If we, the Jews, especially those who live here in Israel, do not change, then the world will not change. We will continue to live in a state of not even a truce but just a temporary ceasefire, and we will again be forced to fight.

Our neighbors will not leave us alone. They will continue to prepare an increasingly sophisticated war, and each time these wars will become more serious. We have a very serious enemy. And this is natural. This is as it should be because we are not fulfilling our historical role.
From KabTV’s “Talks. Leonid Macaron and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman ” 5/21/21

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