Justify The Creator

213It is not so easy to justify the Creator because we constantly have complaints that arise from our being opposite to Him. The Creator is one, one and unique, and to the extent we make ourselves the same single whole, we will be able to feel, understand, and justify Him.

But each time we proceed from separation because otherwise we would not be able to feel the concept of unity since light can only be seen out of darkness. Only from the contrast of opposites is reality felt, both one pole and the other, both light and darkness.

It is impossible to see darkness in the dark or light in the light but only one against the other. Therefore, we can justify the Creator only on the condition that we unite. To the extent that in our connection we discover the concept of unity, we will be able to justify the Creator and the creation created by Him. After all, creation is what is outside of Him.

Therefore, He created the whole world in the form of separation, distance, and shattering, the egoistic forces. And all this in order to give us the opportunity to connect all these opposites with bonds of love and to understand from them the essence of connection, which is the Creator. This is how we attain Him.

The Creator is one, single, and only force apart from which there is nothing. And these concepts are understood only from the work on separation. Therefore, contrasts and opposites are becoming more and more apparent and sharpened in our world.

Each person, as he develops, reveals in himself more and more opposite qualities, thoughts, and even disagreements with himself and more so with others. It is difficult for him to understand others and connect with them.

This development is designed to reveal how different our thoughts, desires, and actions are so that over all these differences we unite and cover all our sins with love. By realizing the difference between the state of complete separation, opposition, conflict, and the state of connection—between these two broken and corrected systems—we will be able to understand, feel, and attain the essence of the Creator in mind and in sensations.

This is revealed precisely from the combination of two opposite systems, and then we see the benefits in everything that the Creator has prepared for us.

Therefore, you can justify the Creator only by combining opposites together and not canceling anything. On the contrary, we are increasingly discovering differences and connecting over them with faith above reason. We thus add a common space, created at our request, where the opposites connect.

And if we do not do this, if we do not ask the Creator to establish peace between us, a complete union, then we will not know what the Creator is—a level above the opposition.

The opposition remains, it does not need to be destroyed and eliminated. Only in this way will we understand the meaning of creation and why the Creator created us exactly like this, opposite to each other. Today, we reveal this oppositeness everywhere, all over the world, to the point that we are unable to get along with each other. We need to teach everyone how to reach the right connection and get closer to each other. Otherwise, the world will fall apart. This is the sign of our time—of the last generation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/21, “Justifying the Creator”

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