How Can We Justify The Unjustifiable?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we justify the Creator if we see great suffering like with people who are terminally ill?

Answer: It is impossible to justify it now because we don’t want to lie or pretend to persuade ourselves or to comfort others. There are different psychological methods of influencing a person that enable him to change his point of view with regard to tragic events in his life. But Kabbalists say that real change is possible only if the Light that Reforms influences a person and changes his state.

The current state is the level a person is on. So he will look at what is happening differently, will feel and understand things differently according to a new level, which he attains thanks to the Light that Reforms. In this case, the change is not because those around him have confused him and convinced him. After all, they are deceiving him and not letting him see the truth, as if giving him a sedative. They are trying to show him that everything is fine, and by that they lie to him and block the path to the truth for him.

We have a different method; we don’t calm, but only support a person so that he will discover his ego. We help him discover his ego and deal with it.

A person can deal with every state he faces in two ways: One is to somehow blur the problem and confuse himself, which is turning to religion, different beliefs, and mysticism. This is what everyone in our world does.

But a person can do the opposite: open your eyes and desire wider and start working in order to draw the Light that Reforms so that it will correct you. Then from this new level, a person sees the correct picture.

How do I draw this Light? By justifying whatever happens, and that it all comes from one source, “There is none else beside Him.” I want to discover the upper force, and nothing other than that.

It isn’t that I simply accept what happens like a submissive believer, but I want to discover the upper. I understand that all my feelings are clarions from the Creator who wants the created beings to discover Him and to discover that “There is none else besides Him” and that He is “Good and benevolent.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/08/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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