In The Arms Of The Kabbalists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is my perception of the world constantly renewed until I acquire a soul, meaning spiritual perception?

Answer: With time you will discover that this world is much more complicated than you perceive in your superficial perception. You will feel the forces that are behind the actions and will see that everyone is under the influence of these forces, like dolls that are operated by invisible urges in some kind of a game.

Question: Why is it so complicated?

Answer: It isn’t complicated at all, it is a simple calculation: You either live like an “animal” or you live by attaining all of reality. Along the way it seems complicated, but only so that you will find out whatever you don’t understand by yourself. Thus you begin to understand the general picture.

Without this study you will not get to know and will not attain the upper force. The complications appear only in the system of communication between you. But deeper, where you are adhered “spirit in spirit,” there are no questions. There you become similar to it and all the “worlds,” which means all the concealments, disappear.

The learning process is always confusing. When a person begins to learn nothing is understood and the more you advance in your study the more questions you have. It isn’t by chance that leading scientists are not ashamed to admit how little they know about the world. On the other hand, ignorant “experts” who don’t see further than a few centimeters before their nose say that everything is “crystal clear”…

Question: But still, why do Kabbalists use language that I can’t understand? Why don’t they express everything in a detailed, organized fashion? What is all this “symbolism” for?

Answer: They have no other choice; believe me, they don’t want to confuse you. On the contrary, they are like loving parents who worry about their baby who was finally born late in their life. Since they understand your inner structure and also the spiritual structure, they connect you with the inner essence of the world, with the real reality. They need to carry you in their arms, like a baby, like a piece of “flesh” that is not a human being yet, to the next level. While they carry you, you grow, accumulate impressions, and experience spiritual actions and reactions, until they put you down on the “lawn” of the spiritual world…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/08/13, “The Peace”

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